US Auto Industry Lobbying Under Trump

An InfluenceMap Report

November 2017

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The current US federal authorities have moved to dismantle a regulatory framework for automotive efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions set in place by the previous Obama-era administration. InfluenceMap's analysis of US auto industry lobbying shows an accelerated pattern of aggressive opposition to weaken climate-motivated policy since the election of President Donald Trump. The pattern of lobbying suggests an opportunistic effort from US auto lobby groups, particularly the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM), to sway the regulatory regime on behalf of members GM, Ford, Toyota, FCA and others. This lobbying activity by the AAM contrasts significantly with the top line statements from many of these member companies on climate change.

On the occasion of COP23 in Bonn the following note was compiled by InfluenceMap, using our recognized methodology for objectively assessing corporate influence over policy.

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Our detailed analysis clearly shows the automakers have been controlling, and stalling, ambitious climate motivated regulations for years, on both sides of the Atlantic. While the Trump Administration has presented them with an opportunity to accelerate this control and delay in the US, it is simply part of their strategic lobbying playbook.

Dylan Tanner

Since 1990 the transport sector has recorded the highest increase in emissions of any sector. It is simply incomprehensible that the EPA or the European Commission would allow a chronic underperformer in climate protection to not pull its weight. We don't have time to waste. Communities don’t have to choose between clean air and great jobs, we have the technological solutions to have both and it's time for the automakers to step up and do their part.

Jennifer Morgan

Strong American fuel economy standards are not only feasible and achievable, they are imperative. They will enhance U.S. national security, save consumers money, and reduce our global warming pollution. Putting the brakes on these standards would only deepen our continued reliance on foreign oil and weaken our national security. These standards have put American consumers in the driver’s seat, and that’s where they should stay.

Ed Markey