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Updated January 2023

About InfluenceMap

Founded on the eve of the Paris Agreement in 2015, we are a global non-profit think tank working on the cutting edge of climate and sustainability issues. Our mission is to facilitate ambitious action by corporations and governments globally to address the climate and biodiversity crises.

We do this by generating innovative analysis for use by investors, corporations, policymakers, campaigns, and a range of other influential actors, as well as being a trusted and widely covered resource for the global media.

Our two work streams, LobbyMap and FinanceMap, are world-renowned platforms which respectively hold the corporate and finance sectors accountable on climate performance. Our work has had a huge impact so far, particularly in reducing the ability of corporations to delay climate policy action. We have a global staff of over 50 dedicated professionals in offices in London, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo with additional team members in Australia.

Our Mission and Team

We are on a mission to take an objective, innovative and data-driven approach to identifying and addressing systemic blockages to progress on climate change and biodiversity loss. You can be part of this mission.

Our team consists of analysts and managers who generate our analysis and content, the integrity of which InfluenceMap is known for, as well as engagement and communications professionals who ensure our work has maximum impact with our partners. We also have a central operations team managing our mission-critical internal processes. In addition, our 'tech team' helps us apply cutting-edge technical innovation to our work, while also ensuring our platforms and data systems run flawlessly.

At InfluenceMap you will be given the time, tools and encouragement to learn and grow. We pride ourselves on our strong, inclusive and diverse culture which nurtures cross-disciplinary teams of smart, like-minded and dedicated individuals. We are big enough to give you great development opportunities but small enough that you will make a fast personal impact in your area of work and the wider sector.

This isn’t just any other job. InfluenceMap is a place where we value each other’s insights and ideas and work hard to build a collaborative and inclusive environment where everyone is welcome, and everyone grows as we work towards our common mission.

InfluenceMap values diversity and provides equal opportunities to all candidates. Our current vacancies are summarized below, with details and guidelines for applications in the associated PDF downloads. We also welcome hearing from you if you think, based on an assessment of our activities, you are a good fit for our team.

Benefits and Perks*


Competitive salary package


Flexible working conditions


Full statutory benefits + additional perks (details depending on regional office)


Generous holiday allowance (extra 3 days organization wide closure for Christmas)


Intracompany temporary transfers between our global offices


Regular team socials

*Details may vary by office