Our Mission and Impact

InfluenceMap launched its corporate climate lobbying platform on the eve of the Paris Agreement in late 2015 in response to growing demand from investors and other stakeholders. The analysis provided, for the first time, detailed measurement of how corporations and their industry groups influence policy needed to address climate change. It introduced the concept of the corporate Carbon Policy Footprint or Scope 4 emissions.

The content has become a mainstream investor tool in assessing and engaging with companies, including the Climate Action 100+ process, and has been cited in over 2,000 media articles globally. It feeds into numerous NGO campaigns and helps the corporate sector engage more positively on climate policy.

The success of the lobbying work demonstrated the effectiveness of our process. We take an objective, innovative and data-driven approach to identifying systemic blockages to climate progress. We then communicate our analysis to our partners with clarity, empowering them to push for positive change.

This rigorous and science-based approach was used in the launch of FinanceMap, a data tool which examines how financial institutions perform on climate. It uses powerful tools and databases to assess financial portfolios and the stewardship of companies in the real economy by investors on climate. We launched the Japan Energy Transition Initiative with partners Carbon Tracker, 2 Degrees Investing and Japan's IGES in 2019 to help catalyze climate action in the country.

LobbyMap - Ending Corporate Opposition to Climate Policy

FinanceMap - Climate-focused Analysis of Funds and Asset Managers