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Not supporting carbon tax

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Evidence suggests not supporting carbon tax (WSPA President, Catherine Rheis-Boyd, Oregon Business, July 2017)

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There is a trading component to the standard. You support market mechanisms? Our organization supports market mechanisms like cap and trade. A cap and trade says you have some flexibility. It’s not a single regulation on a single industry. So you support a cap and trade program to regulate carbon emissions? We would support discussing a cap and trade. You can have a well-designed cap and trade and a poorly designed cap and trade. It could be designed worse than the low carbon fuel standard. If Oregon goes down the cap and trade route we hope they will take look at low carbon fuels standard. Because otherwise it is duplicative. What about a carbon tax? We have members in both camps: cap and trade and carbon tax. We won’t support both.

Created: 01/08/2017 Last edited: 01/08/2017