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Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA)
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Need for Climate Regulation
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Not fully supporting the need for climate change regulation

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Supporting government regulation but qualifying this support for regulations by stating they should not affect national or regional competitiveness (WSPA President, Catherine Rheis-Boyd, San Francisco Chronicle, June 2017)

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As we look at the policies and programs needed to meet our climate change goals, it’s important to acknowledge that combatting climate change is not without cost. California consumers and businesses are frequently reminded of these effects as they deal with energy prices that are among the nation’s highest. If there’s an unintended consequence of the Golden State’s commitment to aggressive climate change policies, it may be that it puts our businesses at a competitive disadvantage and leaves our consumers and communities to bear higher energy costs. That’s why it is important that the Legislature heed the governor’s call and reauthorize improved market-based programs such as the state’s cap-and-trade auctions this year.

Created: 07/06/2017 Last edited: 07/06/2017