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Not fully supporting IPCC need for drastic action

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In outlining opposition to Californian rule on petroleum usage, WSPA appears not supportive of urgent action on climate change (Corporate Website, 2015)

Extract from Source:

The Western States Petroleum Association is strongly opposed to legislative or regulatory mandates designed to force a 50 percent reduction in the amount of gasoline and diesel California consumers and businesses use by 2030. [...] A mandate to reduce petroleum consumption by 50 percent is an impossibly unrealistic goal. [...] History tells us two things; mandates designed to achieve a goal of this magnitude will require unacceptably coercive restrictions on our mobility choices and will be crushingly expensive. [...] By proposing a goal of 50 percent reductions, Sen. de Leon has upped the ante dramatically. His legislation is a blank check for the Air Resources Board to impose those same costly mandates on all Californians without legislative review or oversight. Achieving so radical a goal in so short a time will require the removal of 8 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel from our fuel supply – with no guarantees that something will be available to replace them. [...] It is one thing to establish goals like those identified in the Governor’s inaugural address and to use those goals to measure the effectiveness of climate change policies. It is another thing entirely to empower an unaccountable regulatory agency the authority to impose regulations to achieve those goals.

Created: 18/03/2016 Last edited: 14/11/2017