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Renewable Energy Legislation
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Mixed on renewable energy legislation

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Not supporting pro-distributive solar policies. Supporting the renewable production tax credit (E&E News, March 2017)

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When it comes to renewable energy, a recent Chamber blog post about solar energy touts its growth but criticizes state policies that encourage people to install photovoltaic panels by allowing them to sell utilities their excess power. "While the proponents of rooftop solar may get all the attention, it is really America's utilities that are leading the way with the proliferation of solar use," the blog said. Even though the Chamber — and its Institute for 21st Century Energy — has been talking more about cleaner power sources, critics and even some business leaders say the group appears to be more in sync with the interests of fossil fuels and utilities. [...] "They now have some window dressing about renewables," he said. "But then you actually look at what they are doing, and they have never supported anything that would be helpful to the renewable industry." Letourneau rebutted that statement, pointing to Chamber actions over the years that have benefited renewables, including backing the production tax credit. The American Wind Energy Association cheered the move in 2012. Still, the Chamber is among many groups that sued U.S. EPA over power plant greenhouse gas limits, which would have encouraged the growth of renewables. [...] "The U.S. Chamber is an advocate for market-driven solutions that provide affordable and reliable energy, which is why we've pushed back on some of these economically harmful rules." Still, Whitten would rather not see the Chamber take such a negative view of policies like net metering, which allows people to make money from installing solar power. Regarding claims the practice hurts consumers, Whitten said, "We have considerable consumer protection materials that we would happily share with them."

Created: 04/04/2017 Last edited: 04/04/2017


Opposing renewable energy targets

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Supporting others to oppose renewable energy targets. The US Chamber of Commerce reportedly backed North Dakota in a legal case that could undermine EPA renewable energy targets. (Governors Wind Energy Coalition, March 2015)

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Minnesota officials are strongly urging a federal appeals court to overturn a lower court ruling that rejected a state renewable energy law on constitutional grounds -- a case that could determine whether other states will be able to use similar programs to comply with EPA's proposed rule to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the power sector. [...] North Dakota and several generators that sell power to Minnesota successfully argued to a lower court that the NGEA violated the dormant Commerce Clause because it imposed Minnesota rules on out-of-state utilities. [...] When the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit decides the issue, it may set a precedent on the constitutionality of renewable electricity requirements, which EPA’s existing source performance standards (ESPS) allows states to use as one of the major strategies for attaining their GHG reduction targets. [...] North Dakota and its utilities have support from other power companies, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, the National Mining Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce...

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