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Not supporting UN Climate Treaty

InfluenceMap Comment:

Supporting the UN treaty with major exceptions. Advocating for less unilateral action in the lead up to COP21. (Ross Eisenberg, NAM Vice President of Energy and Resources Policy, US Congressional House Committee on Science, Space and Technology hearing on EPA Regulatory Overreach: Impacts on American Competitiveness, June 2015)

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We believe EPA needs to fix this rule. We agree that adoption of a strong and fair international climate agreement should be a priority. But we also must be very careful not to lock into place policies that will send production and emissions overseas if the rest of the world doesn't --doesn't play by the same rules in Paris in December. ('REP. LAMAR SMITH HOLDS A HEARING ON EPA REGULATORY OVERREACH: IMPACTS ON AMERICAN COMPETITIVENESS', Political Transcript Wire, June 5 2015)

Created: 07/09/2015 Last edited: 02/12/2016


Supporting UN Climate Treaty

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Evidence suggests support for UN Climate Treaty (NAM shop floor blog, January 2016)

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We believe the Paris agreement was a very positive step and a good sign that the world is finally figuring out how to come together on this issue.

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