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National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
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Climate Science Transparency
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No clear position on climate change science

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Accepts existence of GHG emissions. No clear link between human-activity, GHG emissions and climate change (Website 2016)

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Every day, American manufacturers do their part to improve the environment. We develop new technologies to promote energy efficiency. We reduce waste and recycle materials. We focus on sustainable production practices. U.S. manufacturing is the leader in creating innovative solutions to advance renewable and alternative energy and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) reduction technology. At a time when the U.S. and global economies are under extreme pressure, policymakers should look very cautiously at new government programs to expand environmental rules or impose entirely new regulatory regimes. The NAM represents the best interests of manufacturers on a variety of environmental issues, including air and water quality regulations, EPA and state environmental justice procedures, sustainability practices, hazardous waste disposal policies, chemical security and management and E-waste programs. Manufacturers are troubled by the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) aggressive agenda and the significant impact its regulations will have on manufacturing in the United States. The EPA's actions will add new burdens and restrictions, increase costs, destroy jobs and undermine U.S. manufacturers' ability to compete in the global marketplace.

Created: 16/07/2016 Last edited: 16/07/2016