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European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA)
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Energy Efficiency Standards
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Legislative Consultations

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Not supporting energy efficiency standards

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Highlighting the administrative cost, and potential duplication, from energy efficiency legislation (ACEA submission to the stakeholders consultation on 'A 2030 framework for climate energy policies', July 2013)

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Focus, consistency and simplification of climate policies are necessary. Whilst not questioning the long-term objectives, the system of multiple targets and instruments is extremely burdensome for the industry with a number of duplicating and cumulative pieces of legislation (EU ETS, CO2 specific targets, energy efficiency targets or renewable energy targets).

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Opposing energy efficiency targets

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Not supporting energy efficiency targets for high-duty vehicles in the EU (Consultation to prepare legislation on the monitoring of HDV CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, October 2016)

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(In your view, how important is the following action? Monitoring vehicle efficiency (both in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions) in the EU in order to gather the necessary data to close the identified knowledge gap) Important [...] (In view of the importance of fuel costs for transport freight activities, market competition between manufacturers will provide sufficient incentives to curb emissions) Fully agree [...] (Certification and monitoring/reporting will not be enough to sufficiently curb fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of this sector in light of the EU 2030/2050 objectives) Tend to disagree (The EU should set up standards setting limits on fuel consumption and/or CO2 emissions) Fully disagree [...]

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