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Need for Climate Regulation
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Supporting the need for climate change regulation

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Opposing scale back of UK climate change regulation.  (CBI, Director-general, John Cridland, speaking at #BeyondParis, Corporate Website, November 2015)

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We’ve also seen progress in the last parliament. We’ve built on the 2008 Climate Change Act to develop policies which will eventually decarbonise our economy. In fact, the Climate Change Act is a great example of how – by showing leadership in efforts for a global solution on climate change – the Government helped give business the certainty they need to invest. And – it’s important to say – that over many years, the UK has built up real credibility on climate leadership and low-carbon investment. This is hard won, but easily lost. And despite the progress so far, today’s investors are more uncertain about the UK’s low-carbon future. From the roll-back of renewables to the mixed messages on energy efficiency, these changes send a worrying signal about the UK as a place for low-carbon investment. Moreover, this seemingly weakened commitment risks impacting our standing on the global stage, at the exact moment we need to stand up and be counted.

Created: 27/11/2015 Last edited: 15/03/2017


Strongly supporting the need for climate change regulation

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Clearly supporting the introduction of national legislation to support the UN Climate Treaty (Climate Change News, December 2015)

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The Paris deal heralds an exciting opportunity for business. We now have a climate deal agreed by the world’s leaders that puts us on a sustainable low-carbon path and which can provide the framework for business to invest with confidence. It will now be for governments to show how they plan to turn global ambition into national reality. Businesses will want to see domestic policies that demonstrate commitment to this goal and none more so than in the UK.

Created: 12/04/2016 Last edited: 12/04/2016