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Not supporting emissions trading

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Not supporting market intervention in the EU ETS to increase the price and effectiveness of the scheme (Financial Times, April 2013)- the intervention was known as 'backloading' was eventually implemented by the EU

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Some business groups welcomed the vote, saying a move to raise carbon prices during a downturn was ill-timed. “There is no need to interfere with this system,” said Markus Beyrer, director-general of Business Europe, the continent’s largest employer group. “We think once the economy picks up, carbon prices will pick up.”

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Mixed on emissions trading

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BusinessEurope is discussing the possibility of supporting carbon border adjustment tariff to support EU ETS, although also states that their preferred option is still EU ETS free emission permits to deal with unfair competition (Euractiv, April 2019)

Extract from Source:

Marking a departure from its existing policy, Europe’s biggest business lobby group said it was discussing a carbon tariff at the EU’s border in order to restore a level playing field with countries like China or the US, which do not impose a pollution constraint on their industries.   “For the first time, we have discussed a carbon adjustment mechanism,” Markus J. Beyrer, director general of trade association BusinessEurope, told a press briefing on Monday (29 April).   “We try to show other big players in the world that we are not only committed to reaching our [climate] targets but also to enforce it,” Beyrer said at the briefing, aimed at presenting BusinessEurope’s new strategies on climate change and trade policy. [...] “We are ready to discuss this as a measure of last resort,” Beyrer explained in reply to a question from EURACTIV about the event that would push BusinessEurope to formally back Macron’s carbon tariff idea. [...] Until now, the EU’s main business lobby group had firmly rejected any talks about a carbon tariff, fearing that it would trigger a trade war with Europe’s trading partners. […] The EU business organisation is still “very careful” about pushing a carbon tariff, Beyrer said, because it could trigger “retaliation” from other countries and needs to conform to WTO rules. But the US decision to pull out from the Paris climate deal has changed sentiment inside the EU’s main business organisation, he said. “We have a totally different behaviour to some players in the world now,” Beyrer said, which “leads us to discuss a longer list of instruments” to protect EU industries from unfair competition. […] According to Beyrer, BusinessEurope’s preferred policy option hasn’t changed – distributing free carbon pollution permits to European industry under the EU’s cap-and-trade scheme for greenhouse gases. “We are very much in an assessment phase,” Beyrer said, adding BuinsessEurope was “still far” from reaching a definitive decision on the carbon tariff question.   “Would we have a majority to ask for this? – No. Do we have a majority to say we need to look into this? – Yes.”

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Opposing emissions trading

InfluenceMap Comment:

BusinessEurope appear to have played a role in delaying the European Parliament's implementation of backloading to increase the carbon price and effectiveness of the EU ETS. (Energy Intelligence, April 2013)

Extract from Source:

The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) was thrown into disarray last week after the European Parliament narrowly voted against a proposal to support carbon prices by cutting the huge surplus of ETS allowances being traded [...] Powerful lobby group BusinessEurope was also opposed, calling the measure political interference in a market-based instrument. (Kavanagh, R.,“EU Carbon Prices Sink After Parliament Rejects Rescue Measure”, Energy Intelligence, 24 April, 2013, accessed on 29.06.2015)

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Not supporting EU ETS reform

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Supporting reforms with major exceptions. Advocating a compromise on EU ETS reform ambition, including a 'temporary' increase in MSR intake but also increased free alloances for industry (Platts, July 2017)

Extract from Source:

EU carbon dioxide allowance prices are expected to rise to Eur33-35/mt ($37.55-$42.10/mt) by 2030 under a strengthened reserve to hold surplus allowances, prompting switching from coal to natural gas in the power generating sector, according to a study released Thursday.Major lobby group BusinessEurope commissioned the study by consulting firm FTI Compass Lexecon to assess the impact of proposed reforms to the EU Emissions Trading System.[...] "The (temporary) doubling of MSR intake rate from 2019 envisioned by the Parliament and Council positions as well as the BusinessEurope preferred compromise would lead to higher carbon prices as early as 2017, favoring coal-gas switching in the power sector," the study said." [...] We need the right combination of positions of the Commission, the Parliament and Council. This means a temporary doubling of the Market Stability Reserve together with a conditional 5% shift from auctioned to free allowances, and to not use free allowances to furnish support mechanisms such as the Innovation Fund or the New Entrants' Reserve,"

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