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Generally supporting high GHG emissions energy mix

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Supporting an increased role for shale gas in the energy mix (BusinessEurope submission to EU consultation on 2030 framework for energy and climate policies, June 2013, p 15 paragraph 3)

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Policy recommendation 7: Diversify EU’s energy supply sources Adopt a positive attitude towards shale gas in Europe. Europe needs a resolute strategy to enable Member States to explore and exploit potentially highly advantageous shale gas resources, in a sustainable manner and taking into account the environmental legislation in place. Instead of divergent national approaches, a coordinated European approach supportive of unconventional energy sources is urgently needed.

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Not supporting measures to transition the energy mix

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Evidence suggests not supporting the transition of the energy mix away from fossil fuels. Advocating for removal of measures designed to encourage renewable energy production. (BusinessEurope, Letter from Director-General Markus Beyrer to Temenuzhka Petkova, Minister of Energy regarding Electricity Market Regulations and Energy Efficiency Directive, 7 June 2018, p.2)

Extract from Source:

All energy sources, including renewables, should stand on equal footing in the market. ...This implies proposal to have all sources on an equal footing in the market, in particular in terms of balancing obligations, removal of priority dispatch,access of new entrants or rules on curtailment and redispatching of generation sources. 

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Not supporting measures to transition energy mix

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Evidence suggests BusinessEurope are supporting transition from coal to gas with major exceptions. Supporting capacity markets, but only as last resort. However, not supporting emission standards within capacity market to reduce role of high GHG intesity power generation, supporting 'market-based strategy' as alternative to encouraging transition from coal to gas (Letter from Director-General Markus Beyrer to Chair of Energy Council - Kadri Simson -15th December 2017. p.5-6)

Extract from Source:

...BusinessEurope stresses that member states and the European Commissions have to work together to ensure other options are exhausted before capacity mechanisms are pursued. ...Lastly it is also important that the impact on competitiveness of energy-intensive industries exposed to international competition is duly assessed and, where appropriate, that those sectors are shielded from additional costs of these mechanisms. ... BusinessEurope supports the need to progressively phase out coal from the EU power generation market. The transition to a low carbon energy supply, together with the deployment of innovative and smart technologies, brings stronger benefits on flexibility to the power market, in particular with the growing share of intermittent renewable energy sources. To incentivise such a transition, BusinessEurope prefers market-based mechanisms such as carbon markets. With regard to proposed rule of the 550g CO2/kWh (Emission Performance Standard) for capacity mechanisms, we remained concerned about its impact

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