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Generally supporting high GHG emissions energy mix

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Supporting measures that may maintain high GHG emissions mix. Promoting the use of coal. (Twitter, January 2014)

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BUSINESSEUROPE ‏@BUSINESSEUROPE 28 Jan 2014 Industry backbone of EU economy! Remember origin of EU is coal and steel... / @MartinSchulz at #BUSINESSEUROPEDAY

Created: 02/07/2015 Last edited: 01/03/2019


Strongly supporting transition of energy mix

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Through an initiative, advocating for the removal of fossil fuel subsidies (President signed the "Business proposals in view of a 2015 international climate change agreement at COP 21 in Paris", May 2015)

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The agreement should lay the foundations for the integration of a carbon pricing system, in all major emitting countries, which: [...] is coordinated with a phasing-out of all existing carbon subsidies [...] We are fully aware that the COP 21 and the 2015 agreement will be an important step towards the low-carbon economy transition.

Created: 16/07/2015 Last edited: 01/03/2019