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American Petroleum Institute (API)
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Emissions Trading
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Not supporting emissions trading

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Evidence suggests organization does not support emissions trading. Preferring increased use of natural gas as route to emissions reduction (API CEO and President Jack Gerard, State of American Energy press conference, January 2015)

Extract from Source:

I did reference carbon emissions in there and that was in that context I think of climate change. So, I might not have used the exact right two words, but we did talk about carbon emissions [...] People have different views within our industry as to how that should be addressed. Some talk about carbon tax, some talk about cap-and-trade, et cetera. But we think one of the things this administration -- this Congress should focus on is look at the reality of what the American energy renaissance has done for us. As we brought cleaner burning natural gas to the marketplace, it's lowering our emissions. What would that mean if our vision is to export in abundance that cleaner burning natural gas around the world and begin to see that same effect on a global scale -- because this is a global challenge.

Created: 26/05/2015 Last edited: 11/04/2017