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Mixed position on UN Climate Treaty

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Supporting 'US Model', based on market support for gas as oppposed to regulations, as way of meeting treaty obligations (API President and CEO Jack Gerard, 2016 USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum, January 2016)

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Yet the next president of the United States will inherit a country with a growing population and a growing economy, with record production of U.S. oil and natural gas, and at the same time, EPA reports declining emissions of criteria air pollutants and near 20-year lows in greenhouse gas emissions ... All thanks to what we like to call "the U.S. Model." [...] And here is one more fact: The U.S. Model has already gotten us one-third of the way to the emissions reductions sought by the Paris Climate agreement, again, largely through market forces, not government regulation.  Nationally, according to EPA, in 2013 greenhouse-gas emissions were 9 percent below 2005. Under the agreement in Paris the United States is expected to cut its carbon emission levels between 26 percent and 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.

Created: 19/12/2016 Last edited: 11/04/2017


Not supporting UN Climate Treaty

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Evidence suggests organization does not support UN Climate Treaty. Not supporting Barack Obama's efforts relating to the global deal on climate change. (API President and CEO Jack Gerard, CERAWEEK, April 2015)

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Unfortunately, there are some in our society who do not share our view or enthusiasm for the American energy moment. It has become apparent that during this administration’s final two years in office their focus is not on our nation’s 21st century energy renaissance or on securing our long-term status as global energy leader but instead on a narrow political ideology driven by the upcoming climate change summit in Paris -- the centerpiece of the president’s effort to burnish his environmental legacy.

Created: 26/05/2015 Last edited: 11/04/2017