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American Petroleum Institute (API)
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Need for Climate Regulation
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Not fully supporting the need for climate change regulation

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Supporting a market-based response to climate change over government regulation (Scientific American, April 2016)

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In an emailed statement, the American Petroleum Institute said U.S. carbon dioxide emissions are “near 20-year” lows. “This has occurred without command and control style regulatory interference,” API said. “Our success is driven, not by government mandate or legislative fiat, but through innovation, investment and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Created: 19/05/2017 Last edited: 11/04/2019


Opposing climate change regulation

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Supporting the scraping of environmental regulation under Trump's administration (HuffingtonPost, November 2016)

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Under Donald Trump’s presidency, oil and gas pipelines ― including the controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access conduits ― will crisscross the United States. Environmental protections will be scrapped, not one by one, but in a complete regulatory overhaul. The country will re-evaluate, if not toss out, the historic climate accord reached in Paris last year. Fewer government watchdogs will police pollution. At least that’s how the American Petroleum Institute sees the next four years. During a call with reporters on Thursday, Jack Gerard, chief executive of the oil and gas industry’s largest trade group, laid out a vision to reverse much of the environmental progress made over the last eight years.

Created: 08/12/2016 Last edited: 11/04/2017


Opposing policy intervention in energy market

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Appears to oppose government regulation of energy sector. Does not appear to support move to decarbonize energy sector (Phys Org., October 2015)

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Big oil firms remained conspicuously absent from the White House gathering. They have more to lose from international climate initiatives like attempts to place a cost, such as a tax, on carbon emissions. "Market-driven, private-sector leadership can achieve public policy goals more quickly and more efficiently than government programs and mandates," argued Eric Wohlschlegel of the industry lobby, the American Petroleum Institute, criticizing the "overheated rhetoric of anti-fossil fuel groups."

Created: 29/10/2015 Last edited: 19/06/2020