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Supporting climate change denial

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Suggesting uncertainty in the science of climate change (API Executive Director New York speaking at a forum hosted by Sen. Krueger and Assm. Assistant Speaker Ortiz on their Fossil Fuel Divestment Act, February 2016)

Extract from Source:

[Senator Brad Hoylman] Does API recognise that fossil fuels have contributed to the massive warming that we’ve had in the last year? [Karen Moreau] […] One of the reasons that I get asked is because, you know, certainly, and would say most people in this room, would demonise people that do not agree that oil and gas industry is wholeheartedly responsible for the fact that we have- we may have – more greenhouse gas emissions. There’s going to be actually a diversity of opinion even among our member companies as to the causes and also the solutions. […] [Senator Brad Hoylman] For you to tell us that you don’t think its prudent and its only symbolic to divest the pension fund of fossil fuel stocks, doesn’t carry much weight with me personally, if your organisation actually doesn’t acknowledge the fact that fossil fuels are contributing to the hottest year on record. [Karen Moreau] Well I think there are scientists on both sides of this debate, I can hear the hisses in the back of the room because as you know, sceptics, as you would call them, are not really allowed and I guess we would put some of our companies in that category. […] If you don’t want to give any kind of credence to what I have to say because I don’t agree with what is obviously your position, that’s up to you […] [Senator Brad Hoylman] […] The science is real ma’am. The science is nearly uniform and for the petroleum industry and frankly for you to sit here and say that there is a diversity of opinion is actually insulting to the hundreds of thousands of academicians, years of research, […] so I think we should begin with the agreement, we should stipulate that the fossil fuel industry has contributed to climate change and we should work from there. But to come to our forum and say there is a diversity of opinion and that scepticism has a validity in our discourse as a legislative body I think is false [Karen Moreau] Over a million people, a couple of weekends ago, a million customers of ConEd, consumed natural gas, those are your constituents, they could turn off the tap and so could you.

Created: 04/04/2016 Last edited: 11/04/2017