The COP 21 guide to corporate climate lobbying

An InfluenceMap guide
November 2015

We have conducted a detailed and systematic analysis of corporate influence over the climate policy globally and has prepared a briefing containing the key facts, findings and some brand new statistics we have drawn from our database of over 20,000 evidence pieces on the subject. Some quick stats from our database on our study of the 100 largest industrial companies in the world.

51% are clearly calling for the decarbonization of the energy mix

61% actively and explicitly supporting a strong outcome at COP21

53% actively advocating for emissions reductions in line with IPCC recommendations

66% are fully, explicitly and publicly aligned with the IPCC position on climate change science

with only 3% now appearing to be in denial of the IPCC findings.

Read our Guide for details and click on the Download Spreadsheet link to find out which companies make up these numbers and why!