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Current Opportunities
March 2020

About InfluenceMap

We are a London UK based non-profit think tank working on the cutting edge of climate and sustainability issues. Our highly original analysis of the climate agenda has been covered by media globally, used and acted on by hundreds of investors and has informed numerous campaigns. We are probably best known for our unique platform for analyzing corporate lobbying on climate policy. Other work streams are the FinanceMap platform assessing the financial sector and its impact on climate as well as a Japanese collaborative venture (the Japan Energy Transition Initiative).

Joining InfluenceMap represents a great opportunity to be part of a friendly and dynamic team, work with our global network of partners in the finance, media and campaigning worlds and help develop our cutting-edge content which is helping shape the agenda on the climate crisis. We offer our team members the chance to immediately make an impact on the climate emergency using the power of data and knowledge directed through powerful levers.

InfluenceMap values diversity and provides equal opportunities to all candidates. Our current vacancies are summarised below, with details and guidelines for applications in the associated PDF downloads. We also welcome hearing from you if you think, based on an assessment of our activities, you are a good fit for our team.

Communications Manager, London, UK

InfluenceMap's success depends on mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and stakeholders who rely on our content. As Communications Manager your role will be to ensure we are maximizing the potential of our current and future partners. Primary among these are the media. While we have a significant media presence, you will develop a long-term strategic approach, working closely with our project managers and analysts. As well as the media, you will ensure that we are communicating effectively and consistently with a range of key partners in finance, the corporate sector, other non-profits and our philanthropic funders. You will thus take responsibility for evolution of our branding and messaging and work with our developer, designer and administrative staff to ensure the entire team implements this effectively. You will also support our Directors in direct engagements with this range of partners and become the relationship manager in many cases. This is a mission-critical role in a cutting-edge climate NGO!

Financial Data Analyst, London, UK

This will be a key role within the organisation and you will greatly add value to InfluenceMap as our work is increasingly driven by sophisticated data and technology strategies. You will work on data-intensive projects, particularly the FinanceMap. Your role will be to work with the project manager on all aspects of our data acquisition, input, research and analysis to ensure we are able to create and disseminate the content we need to. You will also manage the underlying data and software systems that drive our work under instruction from our Technical Director.

Engagement Manager, New York City, US

InfluenceMap operates a collaborative model, creating unique and data driven content which enables our partners to drive positive change on the climate crisis. These partners are from finance, business, media, campaigns, politics and legal strategies and are global. A key region for our collaborations is the US and we are recruiting a US based Engagement Manager to drive these. You will work closely with our team in London with an initial spell in the UK with our London based team. The role will be based in the NYC offices of our strategic partner who is another fast growing climate change think tank and will likely lead to the establishment of a larger, more formal US presence for InfluenceMap. It is likely you will have 2-3 years' experience within finance or business consultancy involving client facing activities.

Communications Officer, London, UK

InfluenceMap's success depends on mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and stakeholders. Your role will be to manage the infrastrucure around these relationships. Central to this is the efficient use of several software and cloud tools, in particular, and its applications. You will also monitor and check all InfluenceMap external communications and documents and manage, with input from our team, our social media. In short, you will ensure we run smoothly as a team and our engagement and communications with media and partners are flawless. This is a mission-critical role in a cutting-edge climate NGO!

Policy Analyst, Climate Change, London, UK

You will be a key member of our team assessing climate change lobbying. This part of our work has had a major impact on the global climate agenda so far and we are expanding our coverage of industry sectors, policy areas and geographies. You will work closely with the Director of the corporate lobbying program and other analysts in the team. As an analyst in this team you will receive full training in our research methods and how to effectively communicate our results. After you have demonstrated your ability to do this, you will work on and develop a particular specialism in terms of sector, policy area or geography. You will be the lead analyst in this area and will when needed, generate media focused and other output to communicate our results to our partners.