BusinessEurope's narrow climate change vision

An InfluenceMap Report

October 2016

BusinessEurope is the leading cross sector trade association in Europe, representing the corporate sector of over 34 European nations, with the primary goal to shape EU policy and legislation on behalf of its members. BusinessEurope's engagement with EU climate legislation shows a long history of opposition - from strongly opposing the fledgling EU carbon tax in the 1990s up to its present day attempts to obstruct and water down the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

InfluenceMap's detailed analysis shows that majority of business sectors are increasingly asking policymakers for stronger and more ambitious climate policy while BusinessEurope continues to actively oppose such developments. Not only are BusinessEurope's climate positions not aligned with most of its constituents, it is more obstructive than sectors most concerned about ambitious climate policy - the chemicals and oil & gas sectors.

Amid one of the busiest periods in EU climate policy-making ever, the analysis presented in this report indicates a clear detachment between the voices of European business and the behavior of BusinessEurope on climate issues.


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