InfluenceMap launched its corporate climate lobbying platform on the eve of the Paris Agreement in late 2015 in response to growing demand from investors and other stakeholders. The analysis provided clarity, and, for the first time, detailed measurement of how corporations influence policy needed to address climate change. It introduced the concept of a corporation's Carbon Policy Footprint or Scope 4 emissions.

The content has become a mainstream investor tool in assessing and engaging with companies, including the Climate Action 100+ process, and has been cited in over 1,000 media articles globally. It feeds into numerous NGO campaigns and helps the corporate sector engage more positively on climate policy.

The success of the lobbying work demonstrated the effectiveness of our process. We take an objective, innovative and data-driven approach to identifying systemic blockages to climate progress. We then communicate our analysis to our partners with clarity, empowering them to push for positive change.

This rigorous and science-based approach was used in the launch of FinanceMap, a data tool which examines how financial institutions perform on climate. It uses powerful tools and databases to assess financial portfolios and the stewardship of companies in the real economy by investors on climate. We launched the Japan Energy Transition Initiative with partners Carbon Tracker, 2 Degrees Investing and Japan's IGES in 2019 to help catalyze climate action in the country.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the compressed time scales in policymakers’ decision making present important implications for the climate crisis. To aid those pushing for a Paris-aligned recovery, we launched RecoveryMap, which tracks climate change-relevant government interventions.

Dylan founded InfluenceMap in 2015 and has overall responsibility for its global operations. Prior to this, Dylan established a market-leading environmental consultancy in Tokyo which is now ERM Japan. Dylan grew and led a 50-person team engaging in a wide variety of corporate and technical advisory work in Japan and Asia covering environmental audits, land remediation, corporate sustainability, and climate strategies. Dylan grew up in Japan and is currently living in London. He holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics from Kings College London.

File Foundation

Alice Garton is Director of Global Legal Strategy at the Foundation for International Law and the Environment (FILE). FILE seeks to bring transformative legal strategies to scale in order to combat the climate and ecological emergencies. Alice was previously Head of Climate at Europe’s leading environmental law charity, ClientEarth and has substantial experience using legal advocacy, advice and litigation to accelerate government policies and corporate investment strategies that are consistent with a zero-emissions future. Prior to joining the charitable sector, Alice honed her legal skills working for 15 years as a lawyer in large defence law firms acting for company directors in commercial litigation and insolvency disputes, and then as Senior Legal Counsel at Brookfield in London. Alice graduated with first-class honours in both her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. She has a double degree in Law and Politics from Charles Darwin University (in Australia) and a Masters of Environmental Law and Policy from University College London.

Lisa Jordan is a senior philanthropic executive with a twenty year career focused on impact and systemic change. Prior to her engagement in philanthropy Ms. Jordan was a founding director of the largest parliamentary body in the world focused on global environmental challenges the Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE). She started her career as a legislative assistant to Congressman Jim Scheuer (8th NY) and has led many non-profit programs and organizations in Europe and the United States. She is co-editor of ‘NGO Accountability: Politics, Principles and Innovations’ (2006, Earthscan) and a well known speaker on democracy and globalization. In 2018 she was named in the Netherlands as one of the top ten influencers in civil society.

Colin is a thought leader and agent for positive change, who has been at the forefront of global developments in corporate leadership, stewardship and sustainability and responsible asset management for over twenty years. He has international experience from the investor and corporate perspectives in developing and challenging strategy, promoting effective risk management and corporate governance and creating well-aligned incentives. He has a strong network of contacts at the most senior levels within the world's largest investment institutions and listed companies. He is an expert in building trust and adding value to boards in industries with stakeholder challenges having worked with many companies to improve their relationships and performance. Colin is on the board of InfluenceMap as non-executive Chairman, providing oversight of governance, remuneration and nominations.

Ed has led InfluenceMap's research on lobbying and corporate influence since 2017, having joined the company in 2015. Working with a team of dedicated analysts, Ed manages InfluenceMap's system for tracking and assessing the climate change lobbying of world's largest 300 industrial companies and their key trade associations. He represents InfluenceMap in key processes such as the Climate Action 100+'s Technical Advisory Group. Before InfluenceMap, Ed completed a Masters at the London School of Economics.

Agi joined InfluenceMap in October 2020 as our Operations Manager. Agi is responsible for maintaining and developing the systems and processes that allow our team to run smoothly; recording KPIs as well as managing the infrastructure around our partner and stakeholder relationships. Prior to joining the team, Agi worked in administration and operations at various corporate organizations. She holds a Master’s of Communication and Media Studies from the University of Debrecen, Hungary.

Aria joined InfluenceMap in December 2020 after completing a MSc in International Politics at SOAS, writing her dissertation on Africa-China relations. At InfluenceMap, Aria works as an analyst assessing corporate lobbying activities on climate policy and analyzing financial institutions’ climate policies, governance, and company stewardship; with a special focus on China and Chinese speaking regions.

Ben re-joined InfluenceMap in 2020 as an Analyst on the lobbying and corporate influence team. Before returning to InfluenceMap, Ben graduated top of his class for an MA in Public Policy, specializing in global climate policy, and worked for Patricia Espinosa's office at the UNFCCC, including at COP25. Ben previously worked for InfluenceMap for nearly two years, leading the program on the shipping sector. Currently, his work focuses on assessing the lobbying influence of corporations on climate policy for aviation, shipping, and transport.

Daan joined InfluenceMap in 2020 after completing the Global MSc in Management at LSE, where he wrote his thesis on carbon taxation’s effect on renewable energy usage in the UK. Before moving to London, Daan earned his MSc in Mechanical Engineering from KU Leuven in Belgium. He also has experience in the climate space through work and internships in the sustainable finance and renewable energy fields. As an Analyst on FinanceMap, Daan is responsible for managing all FinanceMap data systems and processes, as well as conducting analysis on the financial sector’s alignment with global climate targets.

Dylan founded InfluenceMap in 2015 and has overall responsibility for its global operations. Prior to this, Dylan established a market-leading environmental consultancy in Tokyo which is now ERM Japan. Dylan grew and led a 50-person team engaging in a wide variety of corporate and technical advisory work in Japan and Asia covering environmental audits, land remediation, corporate sustainability, and climate strategies. Dylan grew up in Japan and is currently living in London. He holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics from Kings College London.

Emma joined InfluenceMap in January 2019 as the Development Manager and Analyst (Japan), leading the Japan Energy Transition Initiative. She has been working with partners in Japan to accelerate the energy transition through InfluenceMap’s research, as well as through bringing in global perspectives from international partners. Emma graduated with BSc Zoology and MSc Environmental Management where she studied the impacts of climate change and has since worked for a number of organizations leading the transition to a low carbon society.

Eden joined InfluenceMap in 2019 after spending six months in Australia working in ethical finance and climate policy advocacy. She holds a BSc in Geography from the University of Bristol and specialized in climate change science and impacts. At InfluenceMap, Eden project manages FinanceMap's assessments of financial institutions on climate and leads on the qualitative analysis of financial institutions' climate policies, governance and company stewardship.

Jake leads InfluenceMap’s data analysis across multiple streams of work. This includes InfluenceMap’s ongoing research into how social media advertising influences the climate debate, as well as analysis of how the Federal Reserve conducted their corporate bond buying COVID-19 relief scheme. Jake has also developed tools to help automate aspects of InfluenceMap’s research process, such as the data gathering for our ongoing analysis of lobbying and corporate influence. Before joining InfluenceMap, Jake completed an integrated master’s course in Physics at the University of Sussex.

Kabir joined InfluenceMap in September 2020 as an Analyst. He helps track corporate and trade association lobbying activity on climate policy, particularly within InfluenceMap’s expanding US research efforts. Before joining the team, Kabir completed a BA in Anthropology and Environmental Policy at Colby College, where he researched the social and historical dynamics of climate adaptation.

Matthew works on projects across InfluenceMap, building tools to automate the gathering and processing of data. His main area of focus is monitoring how corporations and asset managers are responding to climate change. Prior to joining InfluenceMap he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Birkbeck University.

As a Data Analyst at InfluenceMap, Namson works on development and maintenance projects pertaining to InfluenceMap’s data and software systems, such as building automated tools to track data relating to corporate lobbying on climate change. He also contributes to InfluenceMap’s efforts to track corporate lobbying influence on climate change policy in the US. Before joining InfluenceMap in 2020, Namson completed a Master’s in Data Science from Columbia University.

Rebecca joined InfluenceMap in June 2019. Prior to this, she completed a master’s degree in Physics at the University of Oxford, specialising in the Physics of Atmospheres and Oceans. At InfluenceMap, Rebecca is an analyst in the lobbying and corporate influence team, assessing the engagement of the finance and corporate sectors on sustainable finance policies.

Sheila is a specialist in training and people development, who has been building and managing successful teams for over twenty years. She has held key leadership roles in both large corporations and small business environments and has a range of international experience, most notably from her ten years in Japan. Now based in London, Sheila works alongside InfluenceMap’s growing team to provide training, development and organisational-systems support.

Tom joined InfluenceMap in November 2020 after completing his MSc in Environment and Development at Lancaster University. He wrote his thesis on the suitability and feasibility of using carbon offsets for international aviation emissions, having previously gained a BSc in Geography from Manchester Metropolitan University. At InfluenceMap, Tom works as an analyst as part of the Australia project, assessing corporate lobbying activity on climate-related policy as well as conducting analysis on the aviation sector’s global climate targets.

Vivek joined InfluenceMap as an Analyst in November 2020 after completing his Master’s in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment at University College London. His thesis focused on understanding the mini-grid policy environment in Ethiopia and identifying barriers to policy implementation. He also holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of York. In the corporate climate lobbying team, Vivek tracks and analyses lobbying activities of corporations and trade associations on climate policy, with a particular focus on utilities in the EU.

Prior to joining InfluenceMap in June 2020, Alex completed a MRes in Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation at UCL and the Natural History Museum, carrying out research on the population genetics of deep-sea marine sponges in the North Atlantic. At InfluenceMap, Alex works as an Analyst focusing on corporate lobbying activity on climate related policy, with particular focus on energy and mining companies and industry associations in Australia.

Az has over 30 years' design and creative direction experience working across various sectors. Clients including Channel 4, the BBC, the Department of Education and Skills, Pearson Education as well as the charity Shelter. Most recently, he has been working as a design consultant at the V&A Museum, designing and producing various innovative digital products and an award-winning online mapping solution . Other awards Az has won include two interactive BAFTAs, multiple British Interactive Multimedia awards and he has also been shortlisted for the RTS awards.

On receiving a BA in Economic and Social History from the University of Hull in 1999, Chris has built a business that creates bespoke online systems to help organizations in business and the 3rd sector. Since joining in 2014, he has acted as System Architect and Lead Developer for projects across InfluenceMap. He maintains the integrity of InfluenceMap data and its presentation.

Prior to joining InfluenceMap in July 2019, Danny completed his master’s in international political economy at the University of Warwick and worked with environmental non-profit CDP. At InfluenceMap, Danny works on our analysis of the automotive and airlines and logistics sectors, as well as heading up InfluenceMap's RecoveryMap portal and associated media releases.

Ed has led InfluenceMap's research on lobbying and corporate influence since 2017, having joined the company in 2015. Working with a team of dedicated analysts, Ed manages InfluenceMap's system for tracking and assessing the climate change lobbying of world's largest 300 industrial companies and their key trade associations. He represents InfluenceMap in key processes such as the Climate Action 100+'s Technical Advisory Group. Before InfluenceMap, Ed completed a Masters at the London School of Economics.

Prior to InfluenceMap, Faye completed her MA in Environment, Politics and Globalisation at King's College London, for which she was awarded '2018/19 Best Thesis Award' for her research on the relationship between the framing of climate change in documentaries and political engagement. Faye joined InfluenceMap as an intern in November 2018 and is a member of the LobbyMap team where she is the lead analyst on the oil and gas and mining sectors. Additionally, Faye is the project manager for our Australia analysis and a core member of the new team analysing the impacts of social media advertising on the climate debate.

Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and an MSc in Environmental Policy from the University of Bristol. Prior to joining InfluenceMap in 2020, Joe spent 18 months working on the climate change team at responsible investment NGO ShareAction. As a Policy Analyst in InfluenceMap’s corporate climate lobbying team, Joe assesses and analyses the lobbying activities of corporates and trade associations and their impact on climate policy.

Juliette joined InfluenceMap in 2020 after completing an MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development at UCL, where she wrote her dissertation on integrating Indigenous knowledge and frameworks to climate adaptation in the Canadian Arctic. Prior to her move to London, Juliette earned a BAH in Health and Global Development at Queen's University in Canada and worked on various public health initiatives and research. As an analyst on FinanceMap, Juliette examines the asset management sector through a climate lens, critically evaluating financial institutions’ climate policies, governance, and company stewardship.

Kendra joined InfluenceMap in 2020 after earning her Master’s in Sustainable Development from University College London. She has a degree in International Relations and English and completed a U.S. Fulbright fellowship in South Africa. With a background in environment and corporate accountability issues, Kendra works across InfluenceMap's teams to lead outreach and engagement efforts with US-based partners in the non-profit, policy-making, finance, media, and corporate sectors. She helps develop ideas for US-focused content while contributing to InfluenceMap’s ongoing tracking and analysis of corporate lobbying on climate change.

As Engagement Manager, Monica leads the InfluenceMap content development and JETI engagement efforts from the Tokyo office with strategic partners in the non-profit, policymaking, finance, media and corporate sectors based in Japan and Asia-Pacific. Prior to joining InfluenceMap in 2020, she conducted research on energy policy at the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ). Monica holds a Master’s in Environmental Policy and Energy from Sciences Po, a Masters of Law in International Relations from Peking University, and a BA in Environment and Information Studies from Keio University.

As an Analyst on FinanceMap, Paula evaluates financial institutions' climate policies, governance, and company stewardship, as well as the engagement of the finance and corporate sectors on sustainable finance policies. Prior to joining InfluenceMap, Paula completed her Master’s in Global Development at the University of Copenhagen, carrying out field research in Tanzania and Myanmar, and writing her Master’s thesis on coal policy in Germany.

Sanober joined InfluenceMap in December 2020 as a climate policy analyst in the US team. Before joining, Sanober finished a Master’s in International Conservation and Development from the University of Montana, completing a thesis on transboundary conservation with a particular focus on southern Patagonia. Sanober will contribute to InfluenceMap’s efforts to cover more sectors and regions within the United States.

Prior to joining InfluenceMap in 2020, Simon worked as a broadcast journalist for 16 years in Australia and the UK. During this time, he reported on topics varying from politics and climate change through to royal weddings and pop culture. As Communications Manager, Simon helps to share and explain the work being done by InfluenceMap’s analysts, as they seek to reveal the true extent of corporate influence over climate change action. Simon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Journalism from the University of Queensland.

Venetia holds a bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish from the University of Leeds and a MSc in Environment, Politics and Society from UCL, writing a dissertation on investment banks and fossil fuels. As an Analyst in the corporate climate lobbying team, Venetia assesses and analyses the lobbying activities of corporates and trade associations and their impact on climate policy with a focus currently on the EU.

Will leads InfluenceMap’s engagement with strategic European partners in the non-profit, policymaking, finance, and corporate sectors. His key focus is the European Green Deal as the bloc implements policy to reach its new 2030 emissions reduction target. Prior to joining InfluenceMap, Will was a Senior Policy Advisor in the climate strategy team of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), in the UK Government, working on the delivery of the UK net-zero commitment.

Chairman CDP

Paul is Executive Chairman of CDP which he founded in 2000 with an ambition of creating a global economic system that operates within sustainable environmental boundaries and prevents dangerous climate change. Paul previously founded Rufus Leonard Corporate Communications and EyeNetwork, the largest videoconference service in Europe. He served as a member of the Environmental Research Group of the UK Faculty and Institute of Actuaries. Paul has authored various publications, including Beautiful Corporations.

CEO Climate Action Platform

Dan Abbasi is an entrepreneur focused on mitigating climate change, with executive experience in private equity, media, consumer software and industrial manufacturing. His current venture, the Climate Action Platform, aggregates individuals to engage corporations to take stringent action; it is incubating at Conservation International, where he is Senior Fellow. Dan served at U.S. EPA and on the National Climate Assessment, and as Associate Dean at Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. He earned a BA and MBA from Harvard and an MA and PhD from Stanford.

Senior Program Officer for Environment at Wallace Global Fund

Heather is a Senior Program Officer for Environment at Wallace Global Fund focused on supporting people-powered movements and campaigns with the necessary research and advocacy to turn the tide on catastrophic climate trends and catalyze an equitable, just transition for all. Prior to joining the Fund, she served as global climate and energy director at Oxfam America and previously worked on climate policy at the US regional level. She received an MEM in 2004 from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, where she was named a Switzer Environmental Fellow and was 2015 recipient of the ‘Prospect Street’ Leadership Award.

Jakob Thomae is Managing Director of 2° Investing Initiative Deutschland. He co-founded the 2° Investing network in New York and Berlin and manages the think tank’s research on climate scenario analysis and stress-tests for financial institutions and companies, as well as its supervisory and governmental partnerships.

Jakob led the development of the first climate scenario analysis tool for financial portfolios, applied by over 1,000 organizations around the world running about 600 portfolio tests a month. The tools are used by 1/3 of the largest 75 banks, and the Japanese, European, and California financial supervisory authorities. He authored the first COVID-19 stress-test scenarios, informing the regulatory response of supervisors in Europe and the United States to the crisis.

Jakob also leads the organization’s partnerships with a number of financial supervisors and governments in Europe, including as Advisor to EIOPA, Special Research Fellow to the Japanese Financial Services Agency, and previously as Academic Advisor to the Bank of England. He holds a PhD in Finance from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers. Jakob is also Senior Fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, where he teaches a Green Finance course.

As Research Director, Center for Science & Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists, Gretchen Goldman researches how science is used and misused in public policy. She is an author of many UCS reports on this theme, with topics ranging from government transparency, access to scientific information, hydraulic fracturing, business response to climate change, sugar and health policy. Gretchen works with InfluenceMap on the development of our assessment methodology. She holds a PhD and MSc in Environmental Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a BSc in Atmospheric Science from Cornell University.

As Head of Policy at IIGCC, Rachel supports IIGCC's membership by building consensus and identifying key topics on which to engage and influence policy makers in Brussels and globally. Rachel joined IIGCC in 2017 having previously worked for the UK Civil Service for over ten years on EU and international climate change, energy and transport policy, including four years in Brussels with the European Commission and the UK Diplomatic Service. Rachel holds a BSc in International Management with French from the University of Bath, and an MA with distinction in European Interdisciplinary Studies from the College of Europe in Natolin, Poland.

Bill Weihl is an independent consultant helping companies and non-profits drive climate action. From 2012 to 2018, Bill was Director of Sustainability at Facebook. He built a team that directs work on sustainability and energy efficiency across the company; they also drive cross-industry collaborations, including playing critical roles in RE100 and the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance. Prior to Facebook, Bill was Green Energy Czar at Google, where his team pioneered Google’s work to buy clean energy for its data centers. He is on the boards of several companies and nonprofits.

Director of Business Task Force, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)

Yusuke Matsuo leads IGES’s work supporting corporate and policy actions. He is also the director of the secretariat of Japan Climate Leaders' Partnership, an independent business coalition, where he leads the team supporting the business group of more than 60 companies from across various sectors in Japan who are jointly driving corporate ambition for the transition to a net zero economy. Previously, he was a senior analyst at the Good Bankers Co., Ltd, an investment advisory firm, and at Sanwa Bank (current MUFG Bank). He received the Kaya Award from the Japan Society of Energy and Resources in 2008 and awards from the Ministry of Environment in Japan in 2007 and 2010 for his climate and energy policy proposals. He has MSc in Environmental Management and Policy from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Lund University.

Lobbying and Corporate Influence

The Lobbying and Corporate Influence Project accurately assesses, ranks and communicates the extent to which corporations are lobbying climate and energy policy worldwide. Corporate influence plays a major role, both positive and negative, in the creation, implementation, and effectiveness of policy - we have therefore created an interactive and open-source scoring table to capture this influence.

To provide balanced rankings, we map and analyze large amounts of data on corporate and trade association lobbying, communications and spending, collected from a wide range of sources, and then we assign those organizations with a grade — ranging from an A+ to an F. In addition to our on-going, dynamic rankings, we also issue periodic reports on a range of industries, associations and public policy topics. Today, InfluenceMap data is being used by investors, policy makers, campaigners, the media and the corporate sector itself.


FinanceMap provides public-facing metrics and analysis of the asset management sector through a climate lens. It measures portfolios, the investor-company engagement process and shareholder resolutions based on best-available public data combined with rigorous analysis. Use the search bars and filters below to assess funds, asset managers or market trends.

See the FinanceMap portal here.