About Us


InfluenceMap is an independent UK-based non-profit organization whose goal is to accurately assess, rank and communicate the extent to which corporations are lobbying climate and energy policy worldwide. Corporate influence plays a major role, both positive and negative, in the creation, implementation, and effectiveness of policy - we have therefore created an interactive and open-source scoring table to capture this influence.

To provide balanced rankings, we map and analyze large amounts of data on corporate and trade association lobbying, communications and spending, collected from a wide range of sources, and then we assign those organizations with a grade — ranging from an A+ to an F. In addition to our on-going, dynamic rankings, we also issue periodic reports on a range of industries, associations and public policy topics. Our platform, including our data and our underlying methodology, is open to inspection, and it is freely available for use. Today, InfluenceMap data is being used by investors, policy makers, campaigners, the media and the corporate sector itself.

Our Mission

InfluenceMap is driven by a desire to make the processes corporations and trade associations use to lobby policy and regulations more transparent. We provide our stakeholders with an online tool to access information on this topic, supporting key engagers in their interactions with companies and corporate representatives. We point to and support the recommendations of a key report on corporate engagement with climate policy from three UN agencies entitled Caring for Climate. It states that corporations be transparent, align their political influences (internally and externally), support climate legislation, and to stop obstructing it.

Our Approach

  • We bring together a range of reliable and clearly referenced data sources from which evidence of corporate influence on climate policy can be assessed.

  • Our organization focuses on data aggregation, analysis and original research. We rely on the generous donation of time by our expert advisors in areas such as climate policy, corporate communications and sustainable investment.

  • Recognizing the need for current and accurate information, InfluenceMap's open-source scoring table is consistently updated, and the scores are adjusted accordingly.

  • We intend to evolve our process based on feedback from stakeholders. We would be delighted if our platform could be applied to other areas of policy and legislation.

  • Our funding is provided by individuals and organizations with an interest in our area of focus. We ensure there is no conflict of interest between our funding sources and the organizations we assess.