Finance Map

This project aims to clarify, via analysis and aggregation of publicly available information, the detailed links between the finance sector (banking, investment management, insurance) and private and public companies operating in our global economy. Finance has a pivotal impact on the development of societies globally and the sector is central to many key theories of change employed by the likes of sustainable finance and the divest-invest climate movement. It is important that these, as well as society as a whole, have objective and easily accessible data on which parts of finance are invested in or doing business with which companies.

The extent to which listed companies hold carbon-intensive assets as key components making up the company's valuation is an issue which the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure recommends be clarified by all companies, including in the finance sector. The Finance Project will go some way to tracking climate-risk assets as held by listed asset managers and corporations.

This project will be launched at the beginning of 2018. To hear more about the project sign up to our updates below.