FinanceMap is a platform generating metrics and analysis on commonly held investment portfolios (e.g. listed funds) through the lens of climate change, facilitating the inclusion of this key risk area in investment decision making. What makes this unique is that our metrics will be made publicly available. This will allow use by all parts of the investment chain, including small asset owners. It will also prompt better disclosure by the financial sector and drive competitive improvement among asset managers in the products they create and sell.

While our FinanceMap project will consider all industrial sectors sensitive to climate risk, the Who Owns the Fossil Fuels media release is an output based on the initial phase of this project. It demonstrates our mapping of the finance sector and considers a key component of portfolio climate risk - the fossil fuel production companies. We have mapped out fossil fuel ownership trends globally and the resultant back-end database has been in use by the climate and asset owners communities since May 2018.

A media report demonstrating our methodologies for mapping the financial sector was released in December 2018 and featured in the Financial Times - see Who Owns the Fossil Fuels.

This work is a collaboration between InfluenceMap and partners 2 Degrees Investing Initiative and WWF Europe and funded by Climate KIC and the KR Foundation.