Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA)

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Sacramento, United States
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Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) has a negative and active engagement with multiple strands of climate policy, specifically lobbying against U.S state legislatures in California, Oregon and Washington. WSPA has claimed that “market mechanisms, such as California’s broad cap-and-trade program, are the most feasible and balanced approach to climate change policy”. Despite this, it appears to have acted directly against AB 32 and SB 32 – two Californian bills designed to reduce GHG emissions with specifics provision for a cap and trade system. Leaked WSPA documents appear to show that WSPA established and financed a network of fake ‘citizen activist’ groups with the aim to undermine California’s AB 32 and Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) in California, Oregon and Washington State. WSPA has also taken legal action against renewable fuel targets in Washington in 2012. Finally, WSPA has opposed SB 350, spending $10.9 million in 2015 to lobby against the bill which includes provisions for energy efficiency, renewable energy, along with 2030 targets to reduce California's petroleum consumption by 50%.

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Climate Science Transparency 0 NS NA NS NS 0 NA NA
Climate Science Stance -1 -1 NA NS NS -1 NA NA
Need for climate regulations NS NS NS NS NS -1 NA NA
UN Treaty Support NS NS NA NS NS NS NA NA
Transparency on Legislation 1 NA NA NA NA NA NA NS
Carbon Tax 0 NS NA NS 0 0 NA NA
Emissions Trading 0 -2 NA NS -1 0 NA NA
Energy Efficiency Standards NS -2 NA NS -2 -2 NA NA
Renewable Energy Legislation NS -2 NA NS -1 -1 NA NA
Energy Policy and Mix -2 -2 NA -1 -1 -1 NA NA
GHG Emission Standards -1 -2 NA NS -2 -1 NA NA
Disclosure on Relationships 0 NS NA NA NA NA NA NA