NSW Minerals Council

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Sydney, Australia

The NSW Minerals Council (NSWMC) is negatively lobbying Australian climate policy, with particular focus on promoting coal. The NSW Minerals Council appears to oppose dramatic reductions in GHG emissions, stressing economic costs and downplaying Australia’s contribution to global GHG emissions. In a 2017 consultation response to the National Electricity Market review NSW Minerals Council criticized New South Wales’ 2050 zero emissions target as “virtually impossible to achieve” and as having “a negligible impact at a global scale”. Further, in the same consultation NSW Minerals Council rejected the continuation of a national renewable energy target, and suggested opposition to state-based renewables targets. NSW Minerals Council supported the Australian carbon tax repeal in 2014 and in 2016 its CEO, Stephen Galiliee criticized a proposed Labor carbon tax policy as “a plan to lower our emissions by killing our economy”. Throughout 2015-18 NSW Minerals Council have consistently supported a long-term role for coal in the energy mix of Australia and the world, including advocating for the construction of new coal plants in New South Wales.

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