Climate Change

Minerals Council of Australia (MCA)

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Sydney, Australia

The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) is highly engaged with and obstructive of Australian climate change policy. In its advocacy against climate regulation, the MCA consistently emphasizes concerns around competitiveness and energy poverty to reject significant GHG emission reductions. In 2015 the Minerals Council of Australia stressed cost concerns to strongly oppose 2030 Australian emissions reduction targets of 40-60%, later criticizing the targets as “neither feasible nor economically responsible”. In 2014 the MCA advocated for a phase out of the federal renewable energy target and in 2017 supported its replacement with a “Clean Energy Target” that includes low-emissions coal, alongside the removal of renewables subsidies. The Minerals Council of Australia also prominently lobbied to repeal the Australian Carbon Tax in 2013-2014, stressing the high cost to the Australian economy and praising its eventual repeal in 2014. Evidence from 2015 however suggests the MCA is supportive of the Australian Safeguard Mechanism, a baseline and credit emissions trading scheme. The MCA aims to preserve the dominance of coal in the energy mix, organizing the marketing campaign, “Coal. It’s an amazing thing”, espousing the importance of coal to Australia’s economy. Furthermore, the MCA has backed the construction of a new coal-fired plant in Victoria in 2017 and has called for the repeal of a World Bank directive to limit funding for coal plants. The MCA’s CEO Brendan Pearson is a vocal advocate for coal’s continued role in world energy, stating in 2017 in reference to the Australian electricity supply that “we need more coal”.

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