International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)

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London, United Kingdom

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) is actively and negatively lobbying global shipping climate policy. Despite stating support for the Paris Agreement, ICS welcomed the exclusion of shipping from the agreement’s framework and has consistently stated that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the only organization that should regulate shipping emissions, opposing all national or regional measures. ICS has strongly opposed GHG emission reduction measures at the IMO, submitting a 2016 policy proposal to delay the implementation of GHG emission regulations for shipping until 2023. In 2017 ICS further advocated for such regulations to only include voluntary ‘aspirational objectives’, in line with their consistent opposition to binding GHG emissions targets for shipping throughout 2015-17. While ICS has stated support for EEDI energy efficiency shipping standards, it has rejected plans to increase their ambition in 2016-17, citing safety concerns and opposed the introduction of operational energy efficiency standards for shipping in 2015. While the International Chamber of Shipping has suggested a preference for a global fuel levy over emissions trading schemes, it has rejected specific proposals from the IMF and International Transport Forum for a carbon tax of $30 and $25 respectively and in 2015 stated it would be “lobbying hard” in the run up to COP21 to reject such a levy. ICS has also consistently argued against regional shipping regulations, vocally rejecting measures to include shipping in the EU emissions trading system.

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