International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

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Paris , France

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) does not appear to be actively lobbying national climate change legislation and has a mixed position on global climate change policy. Despite stating its support for “urgent action to tackle climate change on all fronts” on its website and advocating support for an ambitious UN Climate Treaty in 2015, the ICC has also stressed that any response to climate change should come at the ‘lowest economic cost’. ICC Secretary General John Danilovich, in the run-up to COP21 in November 2015, appears to have expressed a preference for ‘self-regulatory frame-works’ over government regulation. The ICC has supported the adoption of market based carbon pricing mechanisms, such as cap-and-trade schemes or carbon taxes, in G20 countries. However, it has also stressed concerns around carbon leakage and appears to condition this support on the need for resulting carbon prices not to be too ambitious. Despite Secretary General, John Danilovich, appearing to support the elimination of fossil fuel subsidies in 2015, the organization does not appear to have supported subsidies for renewable energy and also previously supported the increased use of unconventional gas in 2014.

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Climate Science Transparency 2 NS NS NS NS NS NA NA
Climate Science Stance 2 1 NA NS NS -1 NA NA
Need for climate regulations 0 NS NS -1 NS -1 NA NA
UN Treaty Support 0 2 NS NS 0 1 NA NA
Transparency on Legislation 1 NA NS NA NA NA NA 2
Carbon Tax 0 0 NS NS NS -1 NA NA
Emissions Trading 1 0 NS NS NS 0 NA NA
Energy Efficiency Standards 0 0 NS NS NS 1 NA NA
Renewable Energy Legislation 0 NS NS -1 NS NS NA NA
Energy Policy and Mix 0 0 NS NS NS 2 NA NA
GHG Emission Standards NS NS NS NS NS 0 NA NA
Disclosure on Relationships 0 NS NS NA NA NA NA NA