Climate Change

German Automotive Association (VDA)

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Berlin, Germany

The VDA has actively and negatively lobbied against several German and EU climate change policies. Evidence demonstrates opposition to EU greenhouse gas emissions standards and EU energy efficiency standards for heavy vehicles. Moreover, the VDA has voiced opposition to the EU cars and light-duty vehicles standards, preferring market based measures and advocating that diesel should be regarded as a clean fuel. In 2015, the VDA advocated for the inclusion of the automotive sector in the EU ETS. In Germany, the VDA has stated support for a transition away from use of petrol fuels in transportation and for policies aiming for the electrification of transport in 2015. However, in the same year it has aggressively lobbied the German government] to weaken GHG emissions standards. VDA seems to align with trade associations' positions on greenhouse gas emissions standards, stating that ambitious climate protection targets may 'pose huge challenges for the automotive companies’. In 2016, the VDA has opposed the German Climate Action Plan 2050, while the President has stated that the targets included in the Plan for 2050 are 'unrealistic' and too ambitious to fit in the current European framework. In addition, the VDA has advocated against the German Renewable Energy Act, [61166 emphasizing its increasing costs on industry, and has opposed the inclusion of energy intensive industries in a tax designed to fund renewable energy development.

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