Federation of Korean Industries (FKI)

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Seoul , South Korea
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The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) lobbying on climate change policy appears to predominately negative, but limited in scope. The FKI is a prominent opponent of the South Korean emissions trading scheme, criticizing the plan in a 2014 report as 'futile' and one that 'could only seriously hurt the domestic industry'. The FKI has advocated for a 'reexamination of the government plan' and in 2015 urged the government to weaken to the effectiveness of the scheme by increasing the amount of free emissions allowances provided to industry. Furthermore, the Federation of Korean Industries has strongly opposed South Korean GHG emissions targets, criticising a proposed 30% reduction target in 2014 as a threat to industrial competitiveness. FKI further criticised Korean GHG targets in 2015 as a "‘cancer-like’ regulation that holds business back" and appears to have supported low emissions targets at COP21 negotiations. The FKI does not appear to be transparent about its engagement with most strands of climate change policy.

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