Climate Change

European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA)

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Brussels , Belgium

ACEA appears to be opposing strands of climate change regulations within the EU. They have been particularly active in their engagement with EU GHG standards, in communication with the public and policymakers, emphasizing the potential for loss of competitiveness and the threat to growth, especially as the industry reaches technological limitations. Its president, further suggested the standards that affect diesel engines were self-defeating as they prevented fleet renewal. ACEA have also reportedly advocated against pending 2025 vehicle C02 targets, with their Secretary General, Erik Jonnaert emphasizing the high cost of these policies. ACEA have shown some transparency through disclosing their membership, including key committees. However, they have notably failed to disclose their consultations comments on revisions of the EU GHG emissions regulations for sectors outside the EU's ETS.

QUESTIONS SOURCES Main Web Site Social Media CDP Responses Legislative Consultations Media Reports CEO Messaging Financial Disclosures EU Register
Climate Science Transparency NS NS NA NS NS NS NA NA
Climate Science Stance 0 NS NA -1 NS NS NA NA
Need for climate regulations NA NS NS -2 NS NS NA NA
UN Treaty Support NS NS NA NS -1 -1 NA NA
Transparency on Legislation -2 NA NA NA NA NA NA 2
Carbon Tax 0 NS NA NS NS NS NA NA
Emissions Trading NS NS NA -1 NS NS NA NA
Energy Efficiency Standards NS NS NA -1 NS NS NA NA
Renewable Energy Legislation NS -2 NA -1 NS -2 NA NA
Energy Policy and Mix -1 NS NA 0 0 0 NA NA
GHG Emission Standards -1 -1 NA -1 -1 -1 NA NA
Disclosure on Relationships 2 NS NA NA NA NA NA 1