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Brussels , Belguim

Eurelectric has been actively and negatively lobbying EU energy and climate change policy. However, a report from 2014 suggests tension over key EU climate policy positions within Eurelectric's leadership and there is evidence to suggest some increased support climate change policy since a leadership change in 2015. In 2016, Eurelectric welcomed the Paris Agreement and has consistently supported a 40% 2030 GHG emissions target in Europe, despite stressing concerns about energy security and economic competitiveness. Eurelectric has actively lobbied policy makers to increase the effectiveness of the EU ETS through lobbying for the Linear Reduction Factor and early introduction of the Market Stability Reserve (MSR). However, in 2016 Eurelectric has modified its position to support greater compensation from the ETS for Member States with carbon intensive energy sectors, including free emission permits to utility companies, and continues to oppose national-level measures to raise the carbon price. Eurelectric had argued up to 2015 that a single GHG emission target is most effectively delivered through the EU ETS, with renewable energy and energy efficiency targets being overlapping. However, an October 2016 policy paper explicitly supports binding objective to achieve at least 27% of renewables by 2030. Furthermore, despite previous outspoken opposition, Eurelectric has suggested in 2016 that some renewable energy subsidies can remain in the medium term, though continues to oppose specific measures such as feed-in tariffs, as well as national binding renewable targets. Eurelectric supports ‘carbon-neutral power supply in Europe by 2050’, but with concerns around the costs of certain transition pathways. In 2017, the organization also lobbied EU officials in support of ambitious electric vehicle infrastructure projects as a way of speeding a low carbon transition.

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