Edison Electric Institute

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Washington DC, United States

Edison Electric Institute is lobbying US Climate Change legislation with mostly negative policy positions. Edison Electric Institute has stated support for a transition towards 'clean energy' and officially stated that it has worked with the US Environmental Protection Agency on the Clean Power Plan to 'to minimize the costs to customers and to protect the reliability of the electricity system'. However, in 2014 Edison Electric Institute pushed for less ambitious interim GHG emission standards and in 2016, whilst arguing that the legal stay on Clean Power Plan will not impact the move towards clean energy, funded the Utility Air Regulatory Group, an organization challenging the plan in court. In the run-up to COP21, Edison Electric Institute called on countries to support emissions trading schemes and it has also supported the inclusion of trading schemes within the US Clean Power Plan. However, Edison Electric Institute has opposed renewable energy legislation and appears to have been instrumental in orchestrating a nation-wide effort against state-level support for distributed solar generation. Edison Electric Institute does not appear to fully support the decarbonization of the power sector and has supported the need for a sustained role for coal. However, it has strongly supported the electrification of transportation and is running a promotional campaign to encourage EV proliferation.

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