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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

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New Delhi , India

The Confederation of Indian Industry's (CII) lobbying on climate change in India appears to be mixed but mostly positive. The CII has communicated support for subsidies and energy targets for renewables in India, including the generation-based incentive scheme for wind. They also appear to support carbon pricing mechanisms, with evidence suggesting support for both a carbon tax and emissions trading schemes. Evidence further suggests CII supports Indian energy efficiency standards. The Confederation of Indian Industry appear to actively support a sustained role for coal and fossil fuels in the Indian energy mix. CII has advocated for a 150% increase in coal production in India by 2020, to increase the availability of coal mines in 2014 and in 2012 supported the reduction of customs duty on non-coking coal to zero. Furthermore, it has lobbied government to support a petroleum subsidy in 2017. However, 2016 evidence suggests CII now supports the Indian tax on coal use. Additionally, CII runs the Gas4India website and marketing campaign, promoting an increased use of natural gas in India, which supports the substitution of coal and oil in transport and energy with gas. However, in 2015-16 the Confederation of Indian Industry has also consisted communicated support for a low-carbon energy sector. The CII does not appear to be transparent about its relatively active engagement with climate policy.

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UN Treaty Support NS 0 NA NS NS NS NS NA
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GHG Emission Standards NS NS NA NS NS NS NS NA
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