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London, United Kingdom

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is broadly positive in its engagement with UK climate policy. Having welcomed the Paris Climate Agreement, in 2015 CBI called for domestic policies to demonstrate the UK's commitment to its goals. The CBI has since encouraged the UK government to raise its ambition on climate and energy policy to meet global and domestic emissions targets. CBI favours a "strong European carbon price", advocating in 2017-2018 for the UK's continued participation in the EU ETS post-Brexit or an equivalent domestic approach if this is not feasible. However, despite supporting the continuation of the UK Carbon Price Floor, in 2017-2018 CBI has also advocated for the price to be frozen until 2022. In 2015, CBI publicly criticized the UK government for rolling back on renewable legislation including feed-in tariffs and CBI has since supported mechanisms such as the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme to drive the uptake of renewable technologies. CBI has also urged UK policymakers to support measures to drive energy efficiency improvements in the UK housing and industrial sectors. A 2017 CBI report on the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy included support for measures to incentivize, and support infrastructure for, the electrification of vehicle transport. However, in 2018 CBI has also strongly advocated for the expansion of Heathrow Airport, a project that will increase UK GHG emissions, seemingly without engaging on the need for efforts to help decarbonize air transport.

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Climate Science Transparency 2 NS NA NS NS 2 NA NA
Climate Science Stance 2 2 NA 2 2 2 NA NA
Need for Climate Regulation 2 2 NA NS 1 2 NA NA
UN Treaty Support 1 1 NA 2 2 2 NA NA
Transparency on Legislation 1 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Carbon Tax -1 0 NA -1 0 -1 NA NA
Emissions Trading 0 0 NA 0 1 1 NA NA
Energy Efficiency Standards 1 1 NA 0 1 2 NA NA
Renewable Energy Legislation 0 1 NA -2 0 2 NA NA
Energy Policy and Mix 0 0 NA 1 1 0 NA NA
GHG Emission Standards 2 1 NA 0 2 NS NA NA
Disclosure on Relationships -1 NS NA NA NA NA NA NA
Climate Lobbying Governance NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS