Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

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London, United Kingdom

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is actively lobbying British climate change policy with increasingly positive support from 2015. In 2017 CBI urged the UK to raise its ambition to meet global and domestic emissions targets and in 2016 encouraged the speedy ratification of the Paris Agreement. Furthermore, the Confederation of British Industry has communicated support for UK and EU GHG emissions targets. In 2015 CBI’s former Director-General John Cridland, publicly criticized the UK government for rolling back renewable legislation, including feed-in tariff reductions, with evidence further suggesting the CBI urged UK policymakers to support energy efficiency standards in 2016-17. However, CBI prominently advocated for the UK carbon price floor to be frozen throughout 2014 and lobbied the UK government in 2016-17 to continue the freeze until 2022, despite also supporting the long-term continuation of the scheme. CBI appears to prioritize the EU ETS as the cornerstone of EU climate policy, supporting limited reforms to improve its effectiveness, but at the expense of EU 2030 energy efficiency and renewable targets. CBI has urged the UK government to quicken the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy in a 2016 letter to policymakers and a 2017 report. Evidence also suggests CBI supports the electrification of transportation and the substitution of coal with gas in the energy mix. However, CBI has also consistently advocated for UK fossil fuel subsidies and increased unconventional gas production, also supporting the opening of a new English coal mine in 2016.

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Climate Science Transparency 2 NS NA NS NS 2 NA NA
Climate Science Stance 2 2 NA 2 NS 2 NA NA
Need for climate regulations 2 NS NA NS NS 2 NA NA
UN Treaty Support 1 1 NA 2 2 2 NA NA
Transparency on Legislation 1 NA NA NA NA NA NA 2
Carbon Tax -1 -1 NA -1 0 -1 NA NA
Emissions Trading 0 0 NA 0 1 1 NA NA
Energy Efficiency Standards 0 1 NA 0 1 2 NA NA
Renewable Energy Legislation 0 2 NA -2 0 2 NA NA
Energy Policy and Mix 0 0 NA 0 0 1 NA NA
GHG Emission Standards 2 1 NA 0 2 NS NA NA
Disclosure on Relationships -1 NS NA NA NA NA NA 0