CEMBUREAU: The European Cement Association

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Brussels, Belguim
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CEMBUREAU is negatively positioned with respect to EU climate policy ambition. Whilst claiming to share the vision for a carbon neutral Europe, the organization does not specify a timeframe in which it supports this transition and further advocates this only on the condition that it is accompanied by a “clean planet” - the implication being that the pursuit of greater climate policy ambition in Europe should be stalled until global climate regulation is realized. CEMBUREAU argues that, in the absence of comparable regulation in other parts of the world, European industry should be compensated for the costs of climate regulations and receive full carbon leakage protection. CEMBUREAU has, since its original implementation in 2000 - 2005, consistently lobbied to weaken the European Emissions Trading System. In 2016-2018, CEMBUREAU continued to lobby EU policymakers, stressing the threat to international competition to oppose measures to reform the scheme and progressively reduce the allocation of free emission permits to energy-intensive industry. Whilst CEMBUREAU supported the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in 2018, the organization has opposed energy efficiency policy directly related to cement sector operations, stating that such policies are not compatible with economic growth and should be implemented at a substantially reduced rate. CEMBUREAU has criticized the renewable energy directive for not offering enough protection to the cement sector, instead of arguing for “market-based funding” for renewable energy production instead of binding legislation. More broadly, the organization does not appear to support urgent action to transition the European energy mix, instead of supporting policy that ensures “equal treatment of all generation technologies” including a “technology-neutral” electricity market. Despite this, CEMBUREAU has shown interest in the increasing use of some alternative fuels, such as biomass, and has offered support for certain financing mechanisms and infrastructure projects to support the development of low-carbon products.

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