CEMBUREAU: The European Cement Association

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Brussels, Belguim
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CEMBUREAU is negatively lobbying a number of key pieces of EU climate change policy. Whilst CEMBUREAU claims "the cement industry is fully in line with the goal to keep temperature rise below 2°C", it has also opposed increased ambition for short-term GHG reduction targets, and has explained on its website in 2016 that “setting CO2 targets to 2050 is unrealistic”. CEMBUREAU is most heavily engaged with the EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS). During the setting of benchmarks for phase III, in 2012, the association successfully pushed for a less stringent measurement standard, significantly reducing the ambition the scheme as it applies to cement production. It has since recognized the need for structural changes to the EU ETS but appears to have opposed many of the suggested reforms. In 2013, Chief Executive Koen Coppenholle used an editorial in an industry magazine to advertise the organization's ability to protect companies from EU ETS reforms. Throughout 2014-2017 CEMBUREAU has repeatedly lobbied EU policy makers, stressing the threat of carbon leakage to oppose measures to reform and reduce the allocation of free emission permits to industry. In 2016 consultations on the energy efficiency directive, the association suggested that efficiency gains in the EU cement production are not in line with economic reality and urged policy makers not to set targets for the sector. CEMBUREAU has also criticized the renewable energy directive for not offering enough protection to the sector and has called for the phase out of renewable energy subsidies at the level of EU member states. Despite this, the organization does appear to support the increased use of alternative fuel sources in cement production as a way of replacing fossil fuels usage and reducing emissions, and has advocated for greater support for biomass under the renewable energy directive. CEMBUREAU's plan for the transition of the energy mix however appears to envision a prolonged phase out heavy carbon emitting fuels, predicting that the sector's 2050 energy mix will still contain 40% coal & pet-coke.

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