European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC)

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Brussels , Belgium
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CEFIC has previously lobbied against stringent EU climate regulation. The group’s messaging since 2017 appears to have become more positive on certain aspects of climate policy. For example, the group has stressed the role its sector might play in a long-term transition towards carbon neutrality and has advocated for measures including financing mechanisms and infrastructure projects to help deliver long-term decarbonization for EU industry. CEFIC has not clearly specified the date for which it supports carbon neutrality at the EU level but continues to stress concerns regarding rising energy and regulatory costs undermining industrial competitiveness. In response to the release of the EU Commission’s 2050 GHG emission reduction strategy, CEFIC stated: “make us competitive and we will deliver.” However, in a joint position paper with EU Energy-Intensive industry bodies in January 2019, CEFIC listed the EU’s 2050 ambition of net-zero as a concern. Despite recognizing the 'political need' to change the EU emissions trading system, CEFIC appears to have focused its lobbying on securing maximum free emission permits for its sector. In 2017, CEFIC supported energy efficiency policy for the building sector, but opposed binding energy efficiency obligations for industry, calling them a “de facto cap for growth”. In consultation with the EU Commission in February 2016, CEFIC opposed an EU renewables target, called for the immediate phase-out of subsidies and asked policymakers to limit renewable policy ambition ‘to reduce the burden’ of energy and climate polices. Since then, however, CEFIC has also advocated for the greater use of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) as an alternative route to facilitate increased renewables.

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