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Washington DC, United States

Business Roundtable appears to be negatively lobbying US climate and energy policy. While Business Roundtable has communicated support for GHG emission reductions, it has stressed that ambition needs to be checked by other concerns, such economic growth. Business Roundtable does not appear to condone the use of regulation to tackle climate change and in February 2017 wrote to the White House, stressing the negative economic impacts of regulation to oppose the 'overreach' of the US EPA and demanding that the Clean Power Plan be rewritten, later communicating support for its repeal in October 2017. The organization previously questioned the legality of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan in a consultation in 2014. Business Roundtable has stated support for some US energy efficiency and renewable energy legislation, including the wind production tax credit. Business Roundtable has called for an increase in domestic production of fossil fuels and has supported measures in the US from 2015-17 to maintain a high GHG energy mix such as the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Climate Science Transparency 1 1 NA -1 NS NS NA NA
Climate Science Stance 1 -1 NA -1 NS NS NA NA
Need for climate regulations NS -1 NA NS NS NS NA NA
UN Treaty Support NS NS NA NS 0 NS NA NA
Transparency on Legislation 1 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Emissions Trading NS NS NA NS NS NS NA NA
Energy Efficiency Standards NS 2 NA NS 1 NS NA NA
Renewable Energy Legislation 1 NS NA NS NS NS NA NA
Energy Policy and Mix -2 -2 NA -2 -2 -1 NA NA
GHG Emission Standards -2 -1 NA -2 -1 -2 NA NA
Disclosure on Relationships 2 NS NA NA NA NA NA NA