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Brussels, Belgium

BusinessEurope has predominately opposed EU climate policy ambition since 2015. The group communicates support for global action on climate change, for example advocating strongly in favour of finalizing the Paris Agreement’s ‘rule book’ in 2018. However, its stated position on COP24 2018 suggests it does not support raising the ambition of the EU climate policy unless further action is taken by other economies. In September 2018, a leaked internal memo from BusinessEurope laid out a proposal for continued opposition to an increase in ambition with regards to the 2030 EU climate policy framework. Despite this, a 2019 position paper on the EU's climate strategy states support for long-term EU ambition towards 'net-zero emissions' depending on a number of conditions being met, although does not give a specific date for which BusinessEurope believes this should be achieved. Since 2015, BusinessEurope has actively lobbied against ambitious reforms to the European Emission Trading Scheme and has supported the continued allocation of free emission permits to industry. In 2019, BusinessEurope confirmed that this is its preferred measure for safeguarding industry competitiveness, although has also discussed the possibility of further options including a border carbon adjustment mechanisms. BusinessEurope opposed any increase in the ambition of EU 2030 energy efficiency targets in 2016, and in 2018 opposed proposals to set a binding target of 35%. The group also wrote to the EU Commission advocating that these targets remain indicative instead of binding. BusinessEurope does not appear to support ambitious policy accelerate renewable energy, advocating for subsidies to be phased out to ensure a “market-based” approach wherein all energy sources are on “equal footing”. In 2017, BusinessEurope argued that proposed emission standards to disqualify coal power plants competing in capacity mechanisms potentially represented a shift away from its preferred market-based approach, and stressed concerns around the potential impacts of such a shift. In 2019, BusinessEurope has communicated support for a number of other, broad measures to incentivize low carbon technology uptake in sectors including buildings, transport and industry.

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