American Petroleum Institute (API)

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Washington DC, United States

The American Petroleum Institute (API) appears to be actively and negatively engaged on a range of climate change legislation. API’s messaging around climate change continues to suggest there is uncertainty in the science and it has been implicated in funding climate change denial research. Its President, Jack Gerald, has also argued that President Obama’s support of the Paris climate change summit was driven by ‘narrow political ideology’. Concurrently, in consultation with the EPA over proposed GHG emission targets in 2014, API argued that the “aggressive emission reduction targets” would cause “irreparable harm”, making clear its opposition of any immediate action on climate change. Throughout 2015, API President and CEO Jack Gerard and other senior directors campaigned against restrictions on unconventional oil and gas production, the EPA’s renewable fuel mandate and limits to land use for oil and gas exploration. API also appears to have been a prominent opponent of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan; having taking legal action against it in 2011. In 2015 API also released a report setting out its opposition to the renewable energy provisions contained within the Clean Power Plan. API appears to oppose U.S. carbon trading, carbon taxes and energy efficiency targets. These positions are supported through an extensive public advertising campaign. Accordingly, API’s vision for America’s energy future does not subscribe to a low-carbon transition of the energy mix and alternatively promotes an ever increasing role for high GHG emitting fuels.

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Climate Science Transparency -2 NS NA -2 -2 NS NA NA
Climate Science Stance NS -1 NA -2 NS -1 NA NA
Need for climate regulations NA NS NA NS -2 -1 NA NA
UN Treaty Support NS 0 NA NS -1 0 NA NA
Transparency on Legislation -1 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Carbon Tax NS NS NA NS -2 0 NA NA
Emissions Trading NS -1 NA NS NS -1 NA NA
Energy Efficiency Standards NS NS NA -2 -2 NS NA NA
Renewable Energy Legislation -2 -1 NA -1 -1 NS NA NA
Energy Policy and Mix -1 -1 NA -1 -1 -1 NA NA
GHG Emission Standards -2 -2 NA -2 -1 -2 NA NA
Disclosure on Relationships 0 NS NA NA NA NA NA NA