Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Auto Alliance)

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Washington DC, United States
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Auto Alliance

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is actively and negatively lobbying US climate change regulation. The Alliance of Automobile Manufactures appears generally opposed to ambition in reducing GHG emissions from the US auto sector, based on the argument that there is limited consumer demand for low and zero emission vehicles. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is a prominent opponent of ambitious light-duty vehicle GHG emission and Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. In consultation with the EPA in 2012, the Alliance supported the standards on the condition that they were subject to a mid-term review, scheduled in 2016, suggesting that limited consumer demand might undermine the regulator's ambition in the future. The Alliance has since consistently raised concerns associated with increasing compliance costs and low consumer demand about the standards for future model years, appearing to suggest that their ambition needs to be checked. In communication with US policy makers in 2016, the Alliance strongly criticized the EPA's technical review of the standards, arguing that the impact of the concerns it had raised had been underestimated. Between 2016 and 2017, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers strongly opposed the EPA's attempted determination of the 2022-2025 light duty vehicle GHG emission standards and aggressively lobbied the new Trump administration to reopen the review. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers appears to support some measures encouraging low-emissions technology proliferation. However, it has also actively opposed Zero Emission Vehicle targets in a number of US states including California, Vermont, Oregon and Washington. At the federal level, throughout 2016 Auto Alliance has emphasized the cost of ZEV target compliance, demanding increased regulatory ‘harmonization’ to ensure that these costs are factored against other vehicle regulations

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