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Brussels, Belgium

WindEurope is actively and positively lobbying energy and climate policy in Europe. In 2016, WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson urged policy makers to raise their ambition, and WindEurope advocated for reformed EU ETS with higher GHG targets that align with a 1.5C emission reduction strategy. It also supports national policy, such as the UK carbon price floor, to help raise the European carbon price and has played down the threat of carbon leakage in consultations. In 2016 it lobbied for the EU renewable target to be increased from 27% to "at least" a binding 30% target. It also supports legally binding GHG emissions targets and energy efficiency targets and a range of other financial support mechanisms to support renewable energy proliferation and the meeting of EU 2020 and 2030 GHG emissions targets. In 2016 WindEurope CEO, Giles Dickson publicly argued that the EU has to do more to pressure members to meet their renewable energy plans. WindEurope supports various measures to help transition the energy mix, including the removal of fossil fuel subsidies and the electrification of the transport. However media reporting has noted increased levels of support for gas from WindEurope since 2015, however CEO Giles Dickson has stated that this support is limited to seeing gas as a transition fuel that will be almost completely phased out by 2050.

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Climate Science Transparency NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NA
Climate Science Stance NS 2 NA NS NS 2 NS NA
Need for climate regulations NS NS NS NS 1 1 NS NA
UN Treaty Support 2 2 NS 1 2 2 NS NA
Transparency on Legislation 2 NA NS NA NA NA NS 2
Carbon Tax 2 NS NS NS NS NS NS NA
Emissions Trading 2 2 NS 1 NS 1 NS NA
Energy Efficiency Standards NS 0 NS 2 NS NS NS NA
Renewable Energy Legislation 2 2 NS 1 1 1 NS NA
Energy Policy and Mix 2 1 NS 1 0 1 NS NA
GHG Emission Standards 2 2 NS 0 NS 2 NS NA
Disclosure on Relationships 2 NS NS NA NA NA NS 2