American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

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Washington DC, United States

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is actively and positively lobbying US climate change legislation. AWEA supports action to reduce GHG emissions reductions in line with a 2-degree target. It made supportive statements on the UN Climate Treaty in 2015, having previously in 2014 encouraged US policy makers to increase the ambition of the carbon reduction goals associated with the Clean Power Plan, citing the emission reduction potential of renewable energy. AWEA appears to support a variety of US climate legislation, including the emissions trading proposals related to the Clean Power Plan and energy efficiecny standards in Ohio, Michigan and California. AWEA has advocated a more ambitious Clean Power Plan and has supported the rule through consultation with the US Environmental Protection in 2014, as well as through legal interventions in 2015 and 2016. AWEA supports various strands of renewable energy legislation in the US, including state-level renewable portfolio standards. It directly advocated to policy makers for more ambitious renewable energy targets within the Clean Power Plan in 2014, and campaigned in favor of the US Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit in 2016. AWEA is an active supporter of decarbonizing of the power sector and CEO Tom Klernan is vocal in promoting the growth of wind power capacity as the way to achieve this.

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Climate Science Transparency NS 2 NA 2 2 2 NA NA
Climate Science Stance 1 1 NA 2 2 1 NA NA
Need for climate regulations NS NS NA 2 NS NS NA NA
UN Treaty Support NS 1 NA NS 1 2 NA NA
Transparency on Legislation 2 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Emissions Trading NS NS NA 1 NS NS NA NA
Energy Efficiency Standards NS 2 NS 2 2 NS NA NA
Renewable Energy Legislation 2 2 NA 2 2 2 NA NA
Energy Policy and Mix 1 2 NA 2 2 2 NA NA
GHG Emission Standards 1 2 NA 2 2 2 NA NA
Disclosure on Relationships 0 NS NA NA NA NA NA NA