Industry Associations and the US Reconciliation Bill

An InfluenceMap Investor/Media Briefing
September 2021

A Critical Moment in Global Climate Policy and Politics

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The US government is proposing a bold climate policy and fiscal spending agenda which will face its crucial test in US Congress in late September 2021. The $3.5 trillion 'Reconciliation Bill' has been described as a “once in lifetime” opportunity to pass meaningful climate policy in the United States.
However, mainstream US industry associations including the US Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), and Business Roundtable as well as fossil fuel interest groups like the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the American Gas Association (AGA) are strategically deploying their policy influence to weaken or remove the critical climate elements of the bill.

The groups are using tactics such as public messaging and joint letters to policymakers to push back on the plan. In addition, the API and the AGA appear to be using targeted advertising campaigns in multiple states in order to sway key Congressional votes on the bill.

Membership in these groups – particularly the cross-sector associations NAM, US Chamber, and Business Roundtable – represent a “who’s who” of corporate America, including companies such as Pfizer, Microsoft, Amazon, and UPS, all of which have made ambitious statements on climate accompanied by long-term net zero targets. Despite their top line commitments, few companies appear to have taken clear stances supporting the reconciliation bill or opposing the obstructive activity of their industry groups.

*The analysis in this briefing forms part of InfluenceMap's ongoing and global program tracking climate policy influence globally. InfluenceMap is a data partner to the Climate Action 100+ investor engagement program, which consists of 617 global investors responsible for more than $55 trillion in assets under management.

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