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InfluenceMap enables a world where crucial decisions are legitimately influenced and objectively made. We do this by empowering our partners with data-driven and clearly communicated analysis on critical societal issues such as climate change.


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These companies are most influential in climate policy debates

Corporate lobbying may matter more than a company's pollution...

China, India dominate coal ownership as some shun climate risks: report

Investors in China and India increasingly dominate ownership of coal reserves amid campaigns for divestment in many rich nations to limit the risks from climate change, a study showed on Tuesday.

For Companies Torn Between Industry and Climate, the Heat Is On

Pressure on a company devoted to both renewable energy and a traditional trade group has come from the left. About-face.

US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse testifies in front of US Senate

On April 14th 2016, US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse testified in front of the US Senate using research from Influencemap's report 'How Much Big Oil Spends on Climate Lobbying', which was released in April.