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The US Chamber of Commerce and Lobbying on Climate Change Disclosure Regulations

November, 2021

The industry group is at odds with investors and its finance sector members on emerging US disclosure requirements

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German Automakers And Climate Policy

November, 2021

German automakers dominate the fight to weaken climate regulation

Corporate Climate Policy Footprint

November, 2021

The 50 Most Influential Companies and Industry Associations Blocking Climate Policy Action Globally

The A-List of Climate Policy Engagement 2021

October, 2021

To qualify, a company must exhibit sufficient support for ambitious climate policy, strategic levels of engagement with climate policy, and leadership in its sector. Links to industry associations egregiously opposing climate policy can disqualify a company from the list.




The Japan Energy Transition Initiative (JETI) is a collaboration of global and Japanese think tanks dedicated to accelerating the energy transition among business, finance and policy makers in Japan.



InfluenceMap maintains the world’s leading database of corporate and industry association lobbying of climate policy around the globe. Our research and reports have been informing investors, the media and the corporate sector since 2015. InfluenceMap is a data provider to the Climate Action 100+ investor process.



InfluenceMap maintains the FinanceMap platform which is the most comprehensive publicly available metrics and analysis of the asset management sector through a climate lens, both on portfolios and corporate stewardship.

InfluenceMap in the News

Big Oil's Real Agenda on Climate Change

The oil majors have spent over $1Bn since Paris on narrative capture, climate branding, and lobbying on climate change.

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InfluenceMap testifies before Senate Democrats

InfluenceMap Executive Director Dylan Tanner outlines how fossil fuel vested interests continue to hold back urgently needed US climate change policy.

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Climate Change Action Stymied by Australian Business Lobby

The Minerals Council of Australia, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the NSW Minerals Council named as the three organizations most responsible for undermining climate policy in Australia.

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Japan business lobby denies climate change sabotage claim

Keidanren director Masami Hasegawa says decarbonization is not the only goal that matters.