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Net Zero and the Need for New Leadership in Corporate Climate Advocacy

March 2023

Using InfluenceMap's world-leading database for tracking and assessing corporate climate policy engagement, and extensive interactions with corporations and investors on the issue, this article proposes five steps that companies can take to shift to true leadership in climate policy advocacy.

Latest Reports

The Canadian Oil and Gas Industry and Climate Policy

February, 2023

This report analyzes the climate-related policy messaging and engagement of the Canadian oil and gas industry. If finds that despite the Canadian oil and gas sector's widespread use of net zero commitments and narratives, the industry remains strategically opposed to science-based policy to deliv...

The U.S. Chamber's Climate Policy Engagement, February 2023

February 2023

InfluenceMap's ongoing research into the climate policy engagement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce finds a continuing trend of positive climate-related PR, creating the impression of reform on the issue, despite the group's continued opposition to key legislation and regulation introduced by the ...

Climate Policy Engagement in South Africa

February 2023

South African industry remains a blockage to ambitious climate change policy in the country. This report analyses the corporate climate policy positions of sixteen companies and twelve industry associations in South Africa, and examines the policy impact of climate policy engagement by South Afri...

InfluenceMap in the News

Big Oil's Real Agenda on Climate Change

27 March 2019

The oil majors have spent over $1Bn since Paris on narrative capture, climate branding, and lobbying on climate change.

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InfluenceMap testifies before Senate Democrats

29 October 2019

InfluenceMap Executive Director Dylan Tanner outlines how fossil fuel vested interests continue to hold back urgently needed US climate change policy.

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Climate Change Action Stymied by Australian Business Lobby

23 September 2020

The Minerals Council of Australia, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the NSW Minerals Council named as the three organizations most responsible for undermining climate policy in Australia.

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Big Oil pledged to fight climate change, but do their actions line up?

24 September 2022

To prevent catastrophic global warming, international groups say there should be no new investment in fossil fuel projects.

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