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National Mining Association

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Washington DC, United States

The National Mining Association (NMA) is actively and negatively lobbying against all US climate change policy, particularly those affecting the coal industry. The NMA appear to not accept climate science, opposing all government regulations to tackle climate change, including the COP21 Agreement and the need for immediate reductions in GHG emissions. The National Mining Association is a prominent opponent of the Clean Power Plan, taking legal action to put a stay on the legislation, which it criticized in a 2014 consultation as 'unlawful at the most fundamental level'. The NMA have opposed the plan through their advertising initiative 'Count on Coal' and in 2016 urged Donald Trump to rescind the regulation. Evidence also suggests they are unsupportive of US renewable legislation, communicating opposition to both the Wind Production Tax Credit and Renewable Portfolio Standards, and criticizing the Clean Energy Incentive Program as unlawful in a 2016 consultation. CEO Hal Quinn has spoken out against both emissions trading schemes and a carbon tax and the NMA has written a letter to Congress urging policymakers to oppose such legislation. The National Mining Association appear to consistently oppose any measure to phase out coal. In 2017 they advocated for Trump to lift the moratorium on federal coal lease sales and have communicated opposition against measures to transition from coal to gas. Additionally, Hal Quinn, NMA CEO, stated in 2016 that 'keep fossil fuels in the ground policies are an assault on affordable power and a threat to communities across America'.

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Climate Science Transparency -2 -2 NA NS -2 -1 NA NA
Climate Science Stance -2 -2 NA -2 -2 NS NA NA
Need for climate regulations NS -2 NS NS -2 -2 NA NA
UN Treaty Support NS -2 NA NS -2 -2 NA NA
Transparency on Legislation 2 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Carbon Tax NS -2 NA NS -2 -2 NA NA
Emissions Trading NS -2 NA -2 NS -2 NA NA
Energy Efficiency Standards -2 -2 NA -2 NS -2 NA NA
Renewable Energy Legislation NS -2 NA -2 -2 -2 NA NA
Energy Policy and Mix -2 -2 NA -2 -1 -2 NA NA
GHG Emission Standards -2 -2 NA -2 -2 -2 NA NA
Disclosure on Relationships 1 NS NA NA NA NA NA NA