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Brussels , Belguim

FuelsEurope appears to be actively and negatively involved with various pieces of EU climate change policy. The group has emphasized the threat of increasing energy prices to industrial competiveness to oppose an ambitious policy response to climate change in Europe. Despite stating support for the results of the UN climate negotiations in Paris in December 2015, FuelsEurope has continued to emphasize the threat of carbon leakage in a case against EU legislative ambition. FuelsEurope has stated its support for the European Emissions Trading Scheme, however, this support appears in part to rest on the EU ETS being an alternative to other forms climate policy. The group has also directly opposed reforms to the scheme designed to increase the price of carbon, emphasizing the threat of carbon leakage and arguing that the competitiveness of European industry should be protected. FuelsEurope does not appear to support policy to aid the introduction of renewable energy, having communicated directly with policy makers in 2014 opposing a binding target for the EU's 2030 Energy and Climate Package, as well as other renewable energy support schemes. The group reiterated its opposition to both renewable targets and subsidies in a February 2016 consultation over the continuation of the EU's Renewable Energy Directive. FuelsEurope’s general opposition to binding targets has been reported in the press. It further appears to be opposed to the ambition of the EU climate framework’s GHG emission reductions and has advocated to policy makers to weaken emissions targets. In a 2016 position paper, it has also set out a position in oposition to the extension of specific GHG intensity reduction targets for vehicles. FuelsEurope appears to support the maintenance of a high GHG emission energy mix and has advocated in favour of legislation supporting unconventional oil from Canadian tar sands. Further to this, FuelsEurope Director General John Cooper, has made a number of statements opposing a progressive move to transition to a low carbon economy as unaffordable.

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