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Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

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Washington DC, United States

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Auto Alliance) appears to have an active and mixed engagement on a range of climate change legislation. While Auto Alliance appear to be fully aligned with climate science evidence suggests they support a market-based response to climate change over government regulation. Auto Alliance is a prominent critic of EPA CAFE and GHG emissions standards. In 2016 congressional consultations over the mid-term evaluation of CAFE standards they criticised future fuel economy targets as technologically infeasible, emphasizing how consumer habits and low oil prices mean fuel economy targets should be rethought. Furthermore, a 2016 Auto Alliance letter to Donald Trump advocated for a comprehensive review of CAFE and GHG emissions regulations to reduce 'regulatory friction' and weaken standards. Auto Alliance CEO Mitch Bainwall has also criticised CAFE standards for raising vehicle costs, being too 'inconsistent' and aggressive' and has stated support for offsetting safety improvements against emissions and energy efficiency standards, weakening CAFE regulations. Auto Alliance appear to have mixed support for renewable energy legislation, criticising the renewable fuel standard in a 2013 consultation for potentially damaging vehicles, yet evidence suggests support for initiates to support plug-in vehicles. Auto Alliance has mixed engagement with policies to transition to a low-carbon economy. Evidence suggests it supports natural gas as a transition fuel and some measures encouraging low-emissions technology proliferation. However, in consultation it has frequently criticized ZEV vehicle standards as unrealistic, providing no 'net GHG benefit' just 'significant compliance costs for consumers' nationally.

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Climate Science Transparency NS 2 NA NS NS NS NA NA
Climate Science Stance NS NS NA NS NS NS NA NA
Need for climate regulations -1 NS NS -1 NS -1 NA NA
UN Treaty Support NS NS NA NS NS NS NA NA
Transparency on Legislation 2 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Emissions Trading NS NS NA NS NS NS NA NA
Energy Efficiency Standards -1 0 NA 0 -1 0 NA NA
Renewable Energy Legislation NS 0 NA -1 -1 NS NA NA
Energy Policy and Mix 0 0 NA -1 0 -1 NA NA
GHG Emission Standards 0 NS NA -1 -2 -1 NA NA
Disclosure on Relationships 1 NS NA NA NA NA NA NA