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Hess Corporation (Hess) appears to be generally unsupportive of climate change and related strands of energy policy. Despite supporting the gradual substitution of coal with gas, Hess appears to support a high GHG emissions energy mix. Hess has funded research into exploiting unconventional oil reserves and in 2012 CEO John Hess called for a US energy policy which heavily favored fossil fuels. Although supporting voluntary GHG emissions standards, Hess has raised concerns to investors about ‘increasingly stringent’ greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets ‘severely and adversely’ impacting the oil and gas industry. Hess’s 2014 sustainability report appears to support a carbon tax, however, it also states that such measures should only be implemented when other major industrial powers take similar measures. Hess’s website states that proposals to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050 are 95574 not achievable and would have negative effects on the economy. In its 2014 sustainability report, Hess appears to 94808 advise against goals that would bring emissions down in line with a 2°C target. Hess appears not to have been fully transparent about its positions on climate change policies on its website. Similarly, it has not detailed its positions in its CDP response.

QUESTIONS SOURCES Main Web Site Social Media CDP Responses Legislative Consultations Media Reports CEO Messaging Financial Disclosures EU Register
Climate Science Transparency 1 NS NS NS NS NS NS NA
Climate Science Stance -2 NS NA NS NS -2 -1 NA
Need for climate regulations NA NS NS NS NS NS NS NA
UN Treaty Support 1 NS NS NS NS NS NS NA
Transparency on Legislation -1 NA NS NA NA NA -1 NA
Carbon Tax 0 NS NS NS NS 0 NS NA
Emissions Trading NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NA
Energy Efficiency Standards NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NA
Renewable Energy Legislation NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NA
Energy Policy and Mix -1 NS NS NS -1 -2 NS NA
GHG Emission Standards 0 NS NS NS 1 NS -1 NA
Disclosure on Relationships 1 NS 0 NA NA NA NS NA
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